For those of you who know little about triathlons Kona is a triathletes Mecca.  My understanding is you either qualify for Kona or you can get voted in because of special circumstance.  For example Team Hoyt has been given a special circumstance to race in Kona.  I challenge you to watch that video without crying!  To see another video that tells you more about this dynamic duo click here.  Our friend Austin sat next to this lady on a flight yesterday and she is hoping to be voted into Kona.  She used Ironman competitions to turn her life and health around.  To see her short video and vote for her click here!  It literally takes 2 minutes to watch and click vote and it could grant this woman a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Thank You

June 25, 2012

Thank you to the person who didn’t know me at church last week who turned around, saw I was pregnant, and told me how wonderful parenthood is.  No one says positive things to pregnant women about parenthood.  Typically people say really negative things, either birth horror stories or tell me how children will change your life forever and they don’t typically mean it in a nice way.  Everyone asks if you are ready to have a kid, um that’s impossible, and I don’t know how to respond to that.  So thank you for telling me about how fun being a mom is and how your life will change, but it really is awesome. I needed that encouragement because to be honest Andrew and I look at each other every few days and ask, “what are we doing???”

Thank you to the doctor that saw me on Friday and asked me what our little girls name is.  You acknowledged that she’s a person and you even asked how to spell it and wrote it on top of my chart.  You are the first doctor to ask me and I just appreciated it!

Thank you to KA for reconnecting with me and encouraging me about natural birth.  It’s so nice to be in contact with you and I look forward to our long distance friendship!

Thank you to LJ for the nursing e-mail, this whole thing is just so overwhelming and I’m glad you reached out and gave me some tips.

And No Thanks to the cashier who told me you thought I could have had the baby while waiting for the person in front of me to check out.  When I informed you that I still had seven weeks to go you commented that it didn’t look like I had that long…who says that??

Oh pregnancy, how I won’t miss you 🙂

Social Media

June 21, 2012

I realized I might have offended some of you so I thought I’d share my thoughts on social media, how I run it in my life and opportunities to follow me.  I had a surge in friend requests on facebook of people I don’t know that got me to thinking…perhaps some of you that read this wanted to be my friend and I ignored you.  Hope your feelings aren’t too hurt, here is the run down.

Facebook:  If I have ever met you in person I would love to be your friend.  I don’t know why, but to me facebook is meant to be a tool to keep up with people that you actually know.  I am even one of those de-frienders who deletes people that I no longer feel like I have any connection with or that I don’t care to keep up on their life.

Instagram:  Anyone can follow me.  My username is lolalula37 and I’d love to have you join me!

Pinterest:  I personally only follow people I either know or that I follow their blog like Bex or Kendi, but you are more than welcome to follow me.  You can find me HERE.

And last, but not least the blog.  This is my open book for the world, feel free to follow me in your reader, subscribe, link me to your blog in posts and pass it along to friends.  In the coming months I’m definitely interested in hooking up with more bloggers, possibly doing some giveaways, networking better.  Also if you have wondered how to subscribe I’m going to look into this, I’m realizing I may not have something enabled to do that.

SOMEDAY I may become a tweeter, I dunno, we’ll see!


Thanks Big Poppa

June 18, 2012

Sometimes people get tripped up with God being called a father, especially if they had a crappy dad. I was fortunate to be blessed with a great dad who would do anything for me. So when I want something and it’s provided for me I can easily attribute this to God being my dad who wanted to gift me something. Two weekends ago Andrew and I worked on Ellery’s closet as well as the guest bedroom closet. We realized we have way too much stuff to fit into the closets and I decided on Sunday I would begin the search for a cheap armoire that I could paint and put in the guest room for additional storage. I figured between Craigslist and garage sales I could find something. My search had not even begun when God gave me a spectacular armoire and guess what I had to pay for it? NOTHING!! Yeah it was a free gift from my big poppa. Now some of you might be wondering what the practical story is behind this gift so here it is:

Last Tuesday I walked into the house I work at and the first thing the dad asks me is if I would have any interest in an armoire. They were looking to get rid of one and he was willing to not only give it to me for free, but to deliver it to my house with his truck. I was pretty blown away that within 2 days of deciding I wanted one I was given a free one delivered to my house. It’s really nice and soon it will be getting a facelift, it really does have to perfect bones and it’s a great size for the space. So here it is, I’m like a kid at Christmas with this thing!


Third Trimester Bliss

June 15, 2012

No this is not a sarcastic title, surprisingly.  My doctor walked in last week and asked me how miserable I was, if I had hit the third trimester wall yet?  She was shocked by my response.  I told her no, actually the third trimester has been my favorite.  I don’t know if it’s knowing that I’m close to being done with this or what, but I have felt really good so far this trimester.  Today marks 32 weeks, only 2 months to go, and maybe somehow this just makes me feel better and puts me in a good mood, I dunno.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of trimesters 1 & 2: nausea, insomnia, depression, lots of up in the night potty breaks, achy hips, hurting back, mood swings, lots of tears, and crazy hormone surges including one INSANE hot flash!  Trimester 3 the only pregnancy issues I have are night sweats and getting up once per night to use the potty.  Well and the first two hours of the day are miserable.  I said this to my mom and I think she may have given me the solution to that problem.  Due to the night sweats I’m probably waking up super dehydrated so I’m starting a new regimen and when I get up my one time a night I’m going to drink a glass of water and see if this helps.

Things I’m enjoying this month.  Hypnobabies:  not sure if I’ll have a painless childbirth, but I think it will really be helpful.  It is so relaxing and it even just helps if I’m having a stressful day.  Elle seems to love when I do the hypnobabies too, they make her really active, so I can tell that she can at least sense how relaxed I become.  What I love most about the program is how positively they talk about birth and how empowering it is.  It’s truly amazing how negative people are when you tell them you plan to have a natural birth.  The amount of people who have actually said you can’t have a baby without an epidural is laughable…clearly women have been having babies naturally since Eve!  I don’t have tons of positive natural birth people in my life, so I really appreciate these audios.  Cereal, can’t get enough of it, all different kinds too, but especially fruit loops!  Books: I don’t know how people did this whole birth and parenting thing without books, they have given me lots of encouragement.  I’ll eventually share what books I like and why I like them, but that’s for another post!  I leave you with my picture from last Sunday.  So I was in my 31st week at the time of this picture and if you are my facebook friend you’ve already seen it.

Let me start off this post by clearing something up about yesterday’s post.  Ellery is healthy.  I didn’t even think about it until today, but I realized that the cryptic nature of yesterday’s post could lead you down a road that you need not go down.

Alright now that that’s out of the way here is our May event only about 5 weeks after the fact which means my belly in this picture is not at all what it looks like today!  We went to the Austin Zoo.  For those of you who have never been it’s an experience like no other zoo you have ever been to.  It is very, how do I say it, Austin.  Yes Austin is many times an adjective in our house.  Austin is a way of life, it’s natural-some might say hippie, it’s anything goes, it’s all about animals and their rights, it’s just different and if you’ve visited for any length of time you know what I mean by the zoo is very Austin.  This is a rescue zoo, almost all of the animals have a story of how they came to be at there.  Some people had lions living in their back yard or ordered animals through the internet which were confiscated at customs.  Some of the animals look pretty rough so if you want a sparkly experience this is not the place for you!  They have a great petting zoo as well where you can feed goats, sheep,deer, ducks and llamas.  Also back there are pigs and even a couple of kangaroos although you can’t pet the kangaroos unfortunately!  They have a lot of birds as well that people surrendered because they didn’t really realize the commitment of purchasing a bird that can live up to 80 years.  One of my favorite things about this place is the roaming peacocks.  Here are some pictures from our day:

This bird was definitely mating, wish I could have gotten a picture of him shaking it’s booty at the other peacock.

Such beautiful animals, wanted to pluck a feather.

This turtle was born the day after Andrew

A lot of these birds talk, some of them talk really creepy like they are quoting a recording or mimicking the radio.

Me, Ellery, and a beautiful tiger.


June 12, 2012

Have you ever been in a small group of people or even in a small church where people are sharing prayer requests? If you’ve been in this situation you have almost inevitably heard someone share an unspoken prayer request. Andrew and I have always disliked these. We feel like church and small group are places that you should be able to be transparent, share your struggles and not be judged. I’m a public person. You want to know anything about me, just ask. You want to know what I think about you? I’ll tell you in the most loving way possible. Therefore I’ve really struggled writing this post. Andrew and I are going through some things, not so much in our marriage, but some life things, potential changes, apparent changes, disappointments, stresses, and to be honest CRAP! I want to share all the intimate details of our lives, share specific ways you can be praying for us, but I can’t. The blogosphere is a little too public of a place to share these things at this time. So for now I’m asking all of you who pray to lift us up this week and in the coming couple months. I can promise you this, when I can share, I will!!

I did it, for the first time in my life I’m sharing an unspoken prayer request, I’ll try not to judge myself.


June 8, 2012

You won’t believe any of this, all these things will shock you!

I have 9 days of nannying left. My permanent job is only 3 days per week and I’m done at the end of the month. I’m in the single digits of seeing this sweet little boy. I’m pretty stressed about him going to “school.” Not that he won’t love it because I think he will, but I’ve been with him since he was 8 months old and he’s just about to turn 2, I’m a bit protective! He calls me WUWA and it’s pretty darn precious. I will miss him, but I won’t miss lifting his body into the crib or onto the changing table. He’s getting a little heavy for me!

As of today I’m officially 9 weeks from my due date! Can we all just let that sink in for a minute? I’m in single digits people! I have my appointment today and so that I’m not tempted to post my weight gain I’m posting this before I go! I will tell you I’m retaining water so I’m anticipating a hefty number. My goal is to not cry. I’m taking this weight gain really hard, not so much because I’m worried about the after, but because with this heat every pound makes me feel that much more uncomfortable. My shoes are so tight at the end of the day, soon I’ll probably have to wear slippers or something!

Are you ready for the last one? Yesterday marked 9 weeks until our 4th anniversary. 4 years, that’s pretty crazy. I honestly feel like it’s been 4 years and if you watched our wedding video you would be able to tell that we’ve been married this long. I was a BABY when we got married. I still sort of feel like a baby, but since I’m about to have one, I’m finding myself growing up really fast!


Some Baby Stuff

June 5, 2012

When we decided to name our baby girl Ellery we both agreed that we liked the nickname Elle (pronounced like the letter L), but we figured for the most part we’d call her Ellery. We were wrong. We refer to her almost exclusively as Elle. When she is born I’m going to try to call her Ellery as much as possible because I think it’s such a pretty name. We’ll see what happens.

It’s crazy how a being who I haven’t even met yet has changed me already. Mostly small things so far, mainly my desire to buy anything for myself. My mom has asked me numerous times if I need more maternity clothes and my response is always the same, “if you are going to spend money, buy Ellery clothes”. I’ve spent my clothing budget on her pretty much every month.

People ask me everyday how I’m feeling and I haven’t really minded it yet. I can see it getting old over the next 10 weeks or so, but a mom from my shower reminded me to cherish the question because soon no one will be asking about me, it’ll be “how is Ellery doing” instead. I can’t believe how much I dislike the attention. I used to love to be the center of attention and if people looked at me in a public place I had the self esteem to tell myself that they probably liked my outfit or something. Airports are the worst, tons of strangers staring and whispering about you. I assume they are speculating whether or not they think I’ll deliver on the plane! Then there is the airplane itself, oh those seat belts, I told myself on every flight that a child had to have been sitting in the seat before me and that’s why I had to loosen it so much.

Ellery is really exploring her home in there. This week she started hurting me. Kicks in the hip bones mostly, luckily she can’t reach my ribs yet, I can imagine what it feels like. Andrew laid his arm on her last night and she showed her disapproval by kicking him repeatedly until he moved. As much as kicking hurts or is uncomfortable it is really comforting to have a babe that moves and kicks a lot.

Somehow my sleep hasn’t gotten any worse and I only get up once in the night to use the bathroom. I started using the belly wedge last night, I find it uncomfortable, but I’m convinced that my stretch marks are from me not using it and letting my belly hang all night because I only have them on one side. I could be wrong, but it’s worth a shot, the oils and lotions have failed me!

Are you ready? I get that question a lot. My response is always, can I be ready? I don’t know really, I have nearly all the essentials, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready. I’m about to start the most important job of my life. Not only that, but it’s a job you can’t quit, in less than 10 weeks I will be a mother for the rest of my life! How do you prepare for that really?

I leave you with some picture of some cute baby clothes from this weekend:







June 4, 2012

The term townie always had such a negative connotation. In high school people always talked about graduating, going to college and then getting the heck out of town. I’d love to know the percentage that came back, I’m guessing it’s pretty high. I love my hometown, Andrew loves my hometown and if circumstances were different we would live there and I would proudly be a townie. Everything is 10 minutes away. The pace of life is so much slower than living in a city. The speed limit is 35!! I haven’t really experienced that in awhile and it felt strange. The University brings so much to the town, and it’s a small enough place that you actually know what’s going on. It has Seven Saints and Papa Dels!! Oh and Art Mart chocolate chunk cookies, oh my, if you haven’t had one, you need to go get one or two, heck buy a dozen, you won’t regret it.

The people are nice, genuinely nice, and they would do anything for you in a moments notice. At my shower on Saturday I looked around and was overwhelmed thinking about how these women shaped me into who I am today and how they still live in my hometown and I would be surrounded by their love and support if we still lived there. As we enter this new phase of life I’d love to be close to the wisdom of these women who have raised children already.

I have to remind myself that CU is not utopia. They have tornadoes and winter. They don’t have a hula hut or Moonies. There isn’t a life there for us really anymore, but it would be so nice to live 10 minutes from family and friends that I’ve known a lifetime and for Elle to experience that kind of love and community. Andrew is optimistic that Austin can be that place for us, I can see it, it’s starting to happen, it’s just going to take time. I had a fantastic trip , we’re already planning our next visit, only it’ll be different because we’ll be a family of 3!!