Add This to the List

May 2, 2012

Of things to NEVER say to a pregnant woman…

We ran to home depot last night and while standing behind Andrew as he chose a clear caulk the guy from paint walks by. He says,”I’m worried about you.”I start wondering if Andrew and I were having a disagreement or something. Puzzled I simply respond, “why?” His response? “well are you going to have that baby anytime now?”. “Haha no, I have a long way to go!” He was like, “oh”, shocked he walked away. Andrew turned around and looked at me like, who says that? Then I was of course paranoid the rest of the night that I was huge!


This is the most recent picture of me from Sunday and yeah I’m measuring SLIGHTLY large, but I mean seriously, I do not look ready to deliver!!

3 Responses to “Add This to the List”

  1. erin said

    Um, you are NOT huge – but you are SIMPLY adorable!

  2. Jenn said

    Someone said that to me when I was 6 m prego with Rachel. We were visiting tombstone Az. I felt the same way. No matter the size of your baby belly you are beautiful!!!

  3. Amanda said

    Awwwww you aren’t ready to pop, just cutely pregnant! Paint guys generally aren’t pregnancy experts … he should have kepthis mouth shut. 😛

    If it makes you feel any better … my ankles are swollen tonight.

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