May 29, 2012

Have any of you ever experienced PVHW? In case you aren’t hip to the lingo that’s Post Vacation Husband Withdrawal. Strangely I didn’t have this at all after our trip to Boston last week, perhaps it’s because I only saw him alone for a total of 2 hours the entire trip besides on the airplane. After this weekend I’m feeling it bad though!! Yesterday he ran out to grab us dinner and I almost cried when he walked out the door. I badly wanted to go with him, but also wanted to play with Hudson. He was gone for maybe 20 minutes total, but I was so relieved when he walked through the door. We did nothing spectacular this weekend, it was Andrews birthday so we had a few people over, but mainly we just spent quality time together. Went swimming/boating, took walks, went to the grocery store, cleaned the house, worked on laundry, watched a couple shows, ran errands, but it was just what I needed this weekend and now I’m wishing we worked together. Probably my favorite thing we did together this weekend was make this wall hanging. It took longer than I expected and presented a few challenges, but it was fun to do it as a team. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and aren’t experiencing PVHW too bad!



Embracing the Cankles

May 24, 2012

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word Cankle it’s where there is no definition between your calf and your ankle.  I don’t quite have a set of cankles, I actually just have one cankle.  By the end of the day my right ankle/foot is unrecognizable and after 8 hours of travel and salty mexican cuisine I had the worst one yet so I took a picture because I figured the blogsphere would want to see this.

For some reason I felt really self conscious about them and was looking for ways to remedy this problem and then I read THIS BOOK and chose to embrace them.  If you aren’t familiar with the NieNieDialogues you might want to block out an 8 hour chunk of time and start reading from the beginning.  She and her husband survived a plane crash and it left her burned on 80% of her body.  Her story is quite incredible and it will definitely challenge you to love your life more and appreciate the small things.  So I’m embracing this new body, my new stretch marks, my stretching belly button scar and my cankles because it means that a baby is on the way and will be so worth it all in the end.  Eleven weeks to go, can you even believe it??

I Forgot to Tell You

May 21, 2012

Oops it slipped my mind to pre-publish posts or tell you I would be MIA for a few days.  We’ve been busy playing Yahtzee, Scattergories, and Creationary.  Busy dancing and celebrating with family.  Busy chatting until 1:30 in the morning and watching National Lampoons Vacation.  Busy eating lunch on the water in Newport with friends.  We’ve been busy having fun and enjoying family.  I promise I’ll be back Wednesday!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012

Thanks for being such a great mom and giving me an example of how I want to be with Ellery! Happy Mother’s Day to an awesome mom and a wonderful friend.  Wishing I could be with you to celebrate.  Love you so much!

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! We had a great weekend with a few moms in my family – my mother, aunt, and grandmother. It’s great that distance doesn’t keep us too far apart!

This post is more for me so that I never have to search this again.  If you want the recipe for the best chocolate frosting I’ve ever tasted here it is!  This is the best website for recipes especially baking.  It has a servings calculator so you can easily make a half batch or quarter batch which really comes in handy when you want chocolate frosting to eat off a spoon at 10:00 at night and don’t want to have 12 servings of it.  Not saying that I’ve ever done that or anything.

Photo credit: Larkspur

I decided I should jump back on the wagon for a while, but I didn’t have time to make a video so here are the things I’m loving this week.

I decided I needed something pink in my wardrobe since I’m going to be the mom of a girl so I bought this funky crow watch, it comes in tons of colors and it’s perfect to throw on with a casual outfit.



Fresh Flowers!  I never have them in my house, but between my shower and a thank you for hosting gift I have two bouquets and I’m thoroughly enjoying them!!


Oh my word, these itty bitty cloth diapers have me very anxious to have this little girl!  I literally hold these every night.  Andrew thinks I’m a total weirdo because this has been one of the main items that has me excited about having a kid.

Bought this bracelet in Marble Falls at a cute boutique called Plenty.  If you are ever there definitely check it out!!

Recommended Queue

May 8, 2012

If you live in the Austin area it looks like you’ll be inside for the next week. We are getting rain all week, yep that’s right ,wet stuff is falling from the sky and it is absolutely glorious!! Don’t get me wrong, the sun is nice, but sometimes a gloomy day is just what you need. Here are some Netflix recommendations from the house of Campbell.

White Collar: fantastic t.v. series about the white collar FBI crime division using a convicted white collar felon to solve cases.

The Event: they totally need to make a second season. This is a fantastic show about an alien invasion, yeah I know it sounds pretty dumb, but trust me on this one, it very entertaining and Jason Ritter is fantastic in this series.

Til Death: A comedy series featuring the brother Robert from everybody loves Raymond. Cute 20 minute episodes highlighting some of the hilarity of marriage. I will warn you that Netflix has some of the later season episodes out of order so it’s a little weird and confusing, but still entertaining.

Being Elmo: this documentary about the puppeteer behind the famous Elmo is an inspiring story about overcoming obstacles with the support of your family.

If you are really bored Burn Notice is also a decent series, not Laura’s favorite, but Andrew is slowly going through it. Shows that I know Andrew has also enjoyed are Jericho and Breaking Bad so those might be worth a look.

Don’t Bother watching:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager: the acting is PAINFUL

Felicity: liked the first season or two, but the final season is pretty bad yet I feel the need to finish it!

Happily Divorced: based on Fran Drescher’s real life husband becoming gay, it’s a comedy series.

Happy rainy week for those of you down here, enjoy it while it lasts and when you feel like complaining remember last year when it DIDN’T RAIN!!!

Sneak Peek

May 5, 2012

Yesterday my mom, Andrew and I were crazy busy working on the nursery.  Today Andrew’s Mom, Aunt and Gramma are coming for my shower which is tomorrow.  Here is a quick post to give you a little taste of the nursery.  I promise when it’s done I’ll post a full run down of our projects and maybe even a video tour.

Add This to the List

May 2, 2012

Of things to NEVER say to a pregnant woman…

We ran to home depot last night and while standing behind Andrew as he chose a clear caulk the guy from paint walks by. He says,”I’m worried about you.”I start wondering if Andrew and I were having a disagreement or something. Puzzled I simply respond, “why?” His response? “well are you going to have that baby anytime now?”. “Haha no, I have a long way to go!” He was like, “oh”, shocked he walked away. Andrew turned around and looked at me like, who says that? Then I was of course paranoid the rest of the night that I was huge!


This is the most recent picture of me from Sunday and yeah I’m measuring SLIGHTLY large, but I mean seriously, I do not look ready to deliver!!