Because You’re Curious

April 18, 2012

I’m sure some of you are a little bummed that I don’t post more about my pregnancy or preparing for baby.  I decided before I got pregnant that I would not let this blog become a pregnancy blog and when Ellery arrives my goal is to only post about her about once per week.  I have never been a fan of blogs that start out as a talk about everything kind of blog and turn into an I have a kid blog.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the I have a kid blogs of my friends, but most of them started out that way.  We’ll see how I actually do with this goal, I know I’ll be smitten with her and want to share with you how awesome she is, maybe I’ll just start her own blog.

I thought I’d answer some of the questions that I’m guessing some of you have about how miss Ellery came to be, no this is not a birds and the bees talk 🙂  I’ll answer one today and then check back tomorrow for my what’s in a name? post!

Did we plan to get pregnant?  Yep, we sure did.  Some of you know that for the last couple years we’ve been doing FAM for birth control instead of using chemicals.  This leads some people to really question whether or not pregnancies are planned because they think it’s a faulty method. Moving on, I stopped charting in July, didn’t want the pressure of knowing constantly and so this is when we started “trying.”  Sometime in September or October I felt God tell me, “It’s going to be August so just enjoy this year when it’s just you and Andrew and don’t stress out about getting pregnant.”  In my mind I figured that meant that I would be getting pregnant in August of 2012 so I was able to mostly chill out about things.  When we went home for Thanksgiving a few people asked us about when we wanted a family and I told them what I felt God had told me. They echoed what my friend Steph was asking all along and questioned whether or not He meant I would be having a baby in August.  My response was, “well I would have to be pregnant right now and I’m pretty sure I’m not”…little did I know!

We get home from Thanksgiving, I’m late and then realize I’m really late, but I chalk it up to cysts and move on with life.  Thank goodness Stephanie decided to pester me about the whole thing because I finally very reluctantly took a test and it was blatantly positive.  Whoa, a BABY in August, not a pregnancy, alright I have some adjusting to do.

God’s plans are so much smarter than ours.  My big plan was to lose 20 pounds before August so that I wouldn’t feel so big.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen because the weight gain has been hard on me and I’ve only gained like 6 or 7 pounds total.  Had I worked hard to lose that weight I’d be devastated right now.  I still want to lose 20 pounds after she arrives, but according to my nursing friends the weight just “melts off.”  We’ll see about that!

I’m learning to embrace my body.  I’m liking it slightly better these days.  I look pretty much exactly the same from the front and back, but when I turn to the side it’s rather shocking.  I know most women would KILL to be almost 24 weeks and be up only 6ish pounds, remember ladies I was obese according to the charts before I started this whole thing, so I will naturally gain less than people who start out at an ideal weight.  And always remember comparison is the thief of joy!  I tell myself this every time I see a pregnant lady that looks “way cuter than me.”

So that is how little miss Ellery came to be and how God’s plans for her arrival are different than I expected and not totally what I would have planned, I mean seriously to be very pregnant for an entire Texas summer, c’mon 🙂

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