Operation Love Austin: April

April 12, 2012

For those of you keeping track I did not have an event in March.  I kind of did and then ended up going with my sister in law instead of my husband so I’m not counting it.  We were supposed to go to America’s Got Talent for our March event, but I realized Andrew didn’t really want to go and after going I realized he would have REALLY hated it! Moving on.

Andrew and I went on a quadruple date with old friends and brand new friends (as in we’d never met them before) on Saturday night.  We went to Peter Pan Mini Golf downtown Austin and then to PTerry’s for dinner.  Mini Golf was fun, and from what we know it’s the only place to play in Austin.  It’s BYOB so you can bring coolers and drink while playing.  Obviously this lady didn’t participate, actually no one in our group brought drinks, but next time I will definitely try to remember to bring something. PTerry’s is probably our favorite fast food restaurant ever and their milkshakes are amazing and are less than $2, that’s my kind of shake!  If you are in the Austin area it is a must have!  Apparently the “special sauce” on the burgers is amazing.  I have yet to try it, but my guess is it’s “fancy sauce” from Stepbrothers.  Fun night with good friends.  Won’t be playing mini golf again until after Ellery arrives, had to bend down 18 times which is getting increasingly more difficult.

Do we love Austin yet?  hmm not quite, but it really does get better every month.  We are meeting more people, making more friends and settling into a new church.  We still have 8 months to go so we’re on track to fall in love with this place by the end of this year!


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