Double Standard

March 27, 2012

I realized I have a double standard.  When a friend is pregnant that blogs or has facebook I EXPECT them to post weekly bump pictures.  I take a weekly bump picture, but do I ever post them? NOPE!  I am halfway there so I thought I’d show you what I’m looking like these days.  Some days I think I look huge and other days I think I could disguise my belly if I tried hard enough.  I thought I’d answer a couple of the questions people have asked me.

How do you feel?  Ok. Not great, and not terrible.  My body has begun the achy all the time phase so I’m starting to get used to it, but the realization that my back really can hurt all day long and so can my hips has been an adjustment.  Mentally I’m ok, I think knowing that we are having a girl and naming her made things a lot better, it’s as if now I have a purpose for feeling sad and it’ll be a happy ending, so I can push forward.

What have been your pregnancy cravings?  Over the entire pregnancy they’ve changed, but here is a comprehensive list.  Spaghettios, sloppy joes, lemon, vinegar, cottage cheese and anything gummy i.e. fruit snacks, gummy worms, dots, etc.

How is the nursery coming along?  Good.  We bought the fabric yesterday and have all the furniture in the room except a chair.  I have my bumper picked out, but trying to decide if I should spend the money on it. (and before you comment, I know that you aren’t supposed to use bumpers anymore, so no need to tell me your thoughts on that).  I’m really liking the direction it’s going and I’ll take pictures as soon as there is something to take pictures of!

And last, but not least a picture, yeah I know my bump is large for 20 weeks, no need to tell me!


3 Responses to “Double Standard”

  1. We got Jaina a bumper. We didn’t have one at first, but once she learned to move around in her crib we needed one, she would hurt her head on the rails, and cry and cry! (She also slept in a swing for basically the first few months, so there was no worry with the bumper suffocating her with her not in her crib.)

    I think your bump is just the right size. No need to worry over it. Plus you’ve gained so little, its all baby!

  2. You look amazing! Glad you are doing great! Miss you!


  3. Laura! You look so beautiful! And you are a skinny little thing, and your bumps is gorgeous! PINK! I’m so excited for you!!!!

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