I’ll Try to Catch You Up!

February 28, 2012

This weekend was pretty great.  Despite my headache for the ENTIRE day Sunday and part of Monday we had a good weekend.

Friday we went to a place called The Highball for dinner, drinks and “dancing.”  There was dancing, but no one in our group took part.  There was a band playing called The Copa Kings and they did a 30s, 40s, and 50s Big Band concert.  If you live in the Austin area this is a must for a date night, or a hang out with friends.  There is bowling, karaoke rooms for rent and a snazzy lounge and concert area.  Oh and I forgot to mention it has an awesome view of downtown!  I’m so bummed I didn’t take pictures, it was so dark in there I knew they wouldn’t turn out.

Saturday was a friend’s baby shower that I helped out with.  I made the cake and cupcakes.  It was so nice to catch up with some friends I haven’t spent time with in a while and celebrate the impending arrival of baby Jude!  I had fun doing the cake, haven’t done anything creative in a while and it was enjoyable!

Sunday Andrew and I decided to tackle the task of getting a desk chair.  We moved the office into the main living space, but we’re still using a dining room chair that is WAY too tall for the desk.  Andrew has been a really good sport about using that chair, but it was past time to get him something more appropriate.  I didn’t think we would find something our first day out, but we did and it was just what we were both looking for.  He wanted something wooden and traditional and I wanted something that was padded, and looked more like furniture than a desk chair.  Here is what we came up with and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Here is a belly shot from Sunday.  I take one each week and text it to Stephanie.  Sorry I don’t post them enough, but it’s just weird to have a belly and really weird to post it for everyone to see.  You can keep the comments to yourself unless they are nice!  I don’t need to know that I am “bigger than you think I should be at 17 weeks.”  Can you believe people actually say that?  Well they do!

Last, but not least, I finished this book:

Oh.My.Word.  It was phenomenal!  It is a must read, but I must warn you, it’s definitely adult content.  Prostitutes, brothels, child molestation, you get the idea.  It is a novel retelling of the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer and it is an amazing testament of God’s Redeeming Love for his children!


4 Responses to “I’ll Try to Catch You Up!”

  1. Stephanie said

    i wish there was a like button for non wordpress users. So LIKE LIKE LIKE!! I love the belly. Yay for baby Campbell

  2. I think you look adorable and perfectly sized. (Seriously what is wrong with people and the way they talk to us pregnant women! There needs to be a worldwide educational class on etiquette.) But seriously I’m not just saying that. You look really cute!

    Also I totally loved Redeeming Love, I basically couldn’t function in real life, from the second I picked it up until I got through it, because I had to know what happened!

    I was just thinking that I hope you do segments in your blog on Pregnant Fashion — since fashion is your thing.
    Maybe you’re not up for it, since perhaps it will bring too much attention to the bump photos. But I would love to see what you are up to with all that! (By the way I am currently checking out the book “Bump it up” by AmyTara Koch from the library. Its pretty helpful in the way of ideas on how to best dress the belly, broken down by Trimester. Not sure I’d buy it, but definitely worth looking through.)

    • campbell2008 said

      Thanks Lydia! You are so sweet. I wish I could say that I was being fashionably pregnant, but it all honesty no one sees me during the week so I’m a t-shirt and yoga pant girl. I bought 3 nice pairs of jeans from motherhood and that’s pretty much what I wear out and about. I’ll try to take some cute pictures soon, I’ve been really weird about people seeing me pregnant. I’m not embracing the bump like I thought I would.

      • I totally understand. I felt the same way. I thought I would love looking pregnant, but instead I just felt weird. I’ve been trying to change my own mind about it lately, and make it more fun. 🙂 It only works sometimes. 🙂

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