Weekend Review

February 21, 2012

My parents are boarding a plane right about now and heading home after a great weekend.

Friday mom and I hung out by ourselves all day and it was so nice! I had an appointment in the morning and baby seems to be doing fine. I am still -5 pounds from my starting weight so the belly is all pregnancy, I’m not getting fat! The heartbeat was 160, speculate if you must on the gender. We ate at Fridays and then shopped and picked the nursery color schemes for boy and girl. Then we moved the office and organized the nursery, you wouldn’t believe how messy I had let my house get! It looks great now, I’m blogging from my phone and don’t know how to post pictures, but I’ll try to do that soon.

Saturday we watched most of Whitney Houston’s funeral and then hung around and listened to her greatest hits CD. I took the gender urine test and will be keeping that a secret until late march, I want people to guess! Did anyone do the test, if so was it accurate? That night we went out for a pasta dinner because Bryan was running the marathon Sunday.

Sunday was race day. Beautiful day for running and Bryan beat his best time. Then we went out for our traditional post race meal at NXNW.

Monday mom, dad, Kevin and I hung out, went shopping and grabbed lunch. Kevin made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face and I was gagging. Haven’t laughed that hard since probably sophomore year of highschool! I bought nothing and I had a whole list of things to look for, shopping day fail. Good day though.

Ready for their trip back in March!!!





One Response to “Weekend Review”

  1. Stephanie said

    I will start the gender guessing game by saying girl for a number of reasons but the biggest reason for this guess today has to do with my dream last night. 🙂

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