Returning shortly

February 10, 2012

I hope! It’s been a rough week. I’m afraid it’s official, I don’t sleep through the night anymore. Besides the obvious reason that I’m pregnant, I have no idea why! I read that once I accept that this is just the way it is I won’t be frustrated anymore so I’m moving toward acceptance! I’m also just feeling blue and not so much myself, hoping this levels out soon as well. I keep thinking if I could just sleep through the night ONE MORE TIME, I’d be happy, but realistically that’s not true. Oh and then there are the headaches, I am not one that gets headaches really ever, but these are bad enough that I actually cave and take a pill which is also very rare and let me say for the record, Tylenol is a joke! Don’t want to sound all complainy so let’s just call this my prayer list :). I’m hoping to be back tomorrow with a natural products video, I have tons to share!!


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