As Promised

January 27, 2012

I actually took a few pictures of our first event from Operation Love Austin.  Last night we went to Esther’s Follies downtown 6th street.  We had so much fun.  Honestly I think we both had to fight the urge to not go.  It has been a REALLY LONG WEEK.  Andrew has been doing work stuff until 7 or 8 every night, including last night and the little one I care for started a new sleep schedule and let’s just say I have a lot less time to myself!  The show was a mix of comedy musical numbers, sketches and magic.  They had a phenomenal illusionist.  I mean, really I had no idea how he did any of it.  We laughed a lot and it was really refreshing to go do something just the two of us.  Here are my sad attempts at pictures:

In the theater, yeah sorry the lighting was a little dim for a picture.

Not sure if this place was ever actually a pool, but that was the theme of the building.

The poster out front, can't wait to go back sometime when the show theme changes.


One Response to “As Promised”

  1. Cindy Campbell said

    Laura, I love the picture of you and Andrew. You are even looking prettier than ever – it must be a boy as the old wives tales say!!!!

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