Blame it on Christmas

December 26, 2011

I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged.  My father in law (who is sitting next to me right now) asked if I still had a blog and I worried that perhaps you were thinking the same thing.  Here is a recap of our week so far.

We arrived on Thursday morning to the house at 3:30AM.  It was a LONG day and I was tired and pretty crabby by the time we got here.  On the plane we watched Disney’s A Christmas Carol and it was TERRIBLE.  I would never let my kid watch that, it was scary and it was so slow that Andrew and I fell asleep in between the dialogue, yeah it was that bad.

For Christmas Andrew’s parents gave us a night out in Boston.  They sent us to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Rockettes show on Thursday night and gave us money to go out to dinner.  After the show we went out to dinner with Andrew’s friend and fiance from college.  We went to a local tapas bar called Dali in Cambridge and had a really nice time.

Friday my Father-in-law took me shopping and to lunch to purchase my mother-in-laws Christmas gifts.  If you knew him you would know what a rare occasion this was and it was really fun to go out and spend time with him.  I love spending other people’s money 🙂

Christmas eve and Christmas were both packed house parties with family and we got to spend good time with people.  We did Yankee Swaps at both parties (which is absolutely my favorite way to have a party) and ate lots of sweets.

It’s the day after Christmas and now we are just all sitting around looking at one another: truly a Campbell Christmas!

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