Blame it on Christmas

December 26, 2011

I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged.  My father in law (who is sitting next to me right now) asked if I still had a blog and I worried that perhaps you were thinking the same thing.  Here is a recap of our week so far.

We arrived on Thursday morning to the house at 3:30AM.  It was a LONG day and I was tired and pretty crabby by the time we got here.  On the plane we watched Disney’s A Christmas Carol and it was TERRIBLE.  I would never let my kid watch that, it was scary and it was so slow that Andrew and I fell asleep in between the dialogue, yeah it was that bad.

For Christmas Andrew’s parents gave us a night out in Boston.  They sent us to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Rockettes show on Thursday night and gave us money to go out to dinner.  After the show we went out to dinner with Andrew’s friend and fiance from college.  We went to a local tapas bar called Dali in Cambridge and had a really nice time.

Friday my Father-in-law took me shopping and to lunch to purchase my mother-in-laws Christmas gifts.  If you knew him you would know what a rare occasion this was and it was really fun to go out and spend time with him.  I love spending other people’s money 🙂

Christmas eve and Christmas were both packed house parties with family and we got to spend good time with people.  We did Yankee Swaps at both parties (which is absolutely my favorite way to have a party) and ate lots of sweets.

It’s the day after Christmas and now we are just all sitting around looking at one another: truly a Campbell Christmas!


December 15, 2011

Linking up with Bex and don’t forget to check a Steph!

This week I have a lot to share with you for my Thursday latelies and because I know that no one besides my mother would watch a 20 minute video of me blabbing about how great my week was I will share a couple of my happy things in a post today.

Saturday was a fantastic day.  So I’ll share my joy from just that day and save the rest for tomorrow.

1.  OUR COUCH ARRIVED.  Finally the long awaited “final” piece of furniture arrived on Saturday and it fits so much better in the room than you would expect.  We thought it would be majorly tight quarters, but there is ample walking space around the perimeter.  We only had time to sit on it for about 10 minutes on Saturday, but we were so happy to have this massive comfy sectional.

2.  JENNA IS COMING.  Yeah can you even believe it?  She surprised me by deciding to come to Austin in January.  Saturday she booked a ticket and sent me the itinerary.  Her flights could not be timed any more perfectly with my work schedule.  We will have maximum hang out time and I’m really looking forward to it!  Now I need to decide when I can fly to Denver to see her new stomping grounds.

3.  BAKING.  A couple friends came over Saturday night and baked Christmas goodies until almost one in the morning.  It was a lot of fun and it was really the first time I baked this Christmas season.  We are having a baking extravaganza on Sunday with my family…should be fun and tasty!

4.  FACETIME.  Thank you apple.  My BFF Steph got a new fantastic toy for her early Christmas and she “called me” from her IPAD.  We both have Iphones, but Facetime from the IPAD is way nicer because it shows you a lot more in the room and you feel more like you are sitting across from the person.  Sorry my phone shows such a little strange image of my face 🙂  I miss you dearly friend!

I wish I had a 5th, I really like to round things out, but that’ll have to do for now.  Be sure to check back tomorrow and see the full list of things that are making me smile this week.

Digging Myself Out

December 13, 2011

This Christmas season has been hands down the most stressful of my life.  I’m not exactly sure why, I have a couple thoughts on why, but nothing concrete.  At the mention of gift giving and receiving I immediately feel panicked.  We went to one of my favorite malls Sunday afternoon for over 2 hours and we left without buying ONE SINGLE ITEM.  The stores were crowded and the lines were long and the thought of standing in them overwhelmed me beyond words!  So Monday I made the executive decision to cancel Christmas!

Just kidding.  I made the decision to order online even if it cost me a couple extra dollars.  That’s right the frugal queen is throwing frugality out the window and trading it for sanity.  I also made a list of things I needed to buy, people to buy for, things to pack for Mass, and things I need to do before leaving in 8 days.  Yikes single digits.  This has eased my mind and given me a shovel to dig myself out of this funk hole that I fell into the first of December.  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this season.  I’m reminded daily of how awesome Jesus is and I am thankful he came as a little baby to save the whole world.


December 9, 2011

I love based on true story movies. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I enjoy a good documentary every once and awhile. Recently I was recommended a documentary in support of a mostly Vegan diet from a mostly health stand point with VERY little political/animal rights talk in it. So I thought I would tell you about a few of the documentaries that really changed my perspective on a few things. Yes I know documentaries are just one side of a two sided issue, but I like them because they make me really question what I think about some things.

Food Matters: much better than food Inc in my opinion. It’s truly amazing what God created to protect and heal us, and how far away we’ve strayed from it!

Forks over Knives: this shows the benefits of a mostly Vegan diet. We will most likely not convert, but we’ve already taken some steps toward consuming less animal products.

Loose Change: this is about the attacks of 9/11 and it will blow your mind and put a lot of doubt in you.

The High Cost of Low Prices: basically the main reason I don’t shop at Walmart!

The Business of Being Born: eye opening view of childbirth in hospitals.

These can all be viewed on Netflix streaming. If you want to watch the most shocking one definitely watch Loose Change. Have a great weekend and if you watch any of these or have seen them I’d love to know what you think about them, comment below!

Thursday Latelies: Dates

December 8, 2011

I look like a crazy person in that freeze frame…thanks YouTube!

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Elf on the Shelf

December 7, 2011

I have strong feelings about Elf on the Shelf, but for once on this blog I am going to tastefully edit my own mind and not share them with you.  I do however want to share THIS with you.  It’s Lil Blue Boo’s Elf on the Shelf R-Rated version.

The Stockings Were Hung

December 6, 2011

Andrew and I went shopping last night.  Well the intention was actually to go returning, which we did, but then we stopped in whole foods, the Container Store and Target.  If you have a container store in your area I think it is a one stop shop for stocking stuffers, we picked up their stocking stuffer catalog and I’ve been drooling over it.  Below are my favorite picks.

Because the Pressurized air leaves your fingers tasting HORRIBLE after you touch the computer post cleaning!

It WORKS, we both tried it and it really does take all the smudges off your screen

Like the utensils, not a fan of these sandwich bags...for that I like the snack taxi brand

I always feel conflicted when I put my organic produce in a plastic bags, I would love to have a set of these...hint hint

Linking up with Bex again this week, she is always a bright spot in my Thursday morning.  Also my BFF Stephanie is joining Thursday Latelies so be sure to check her out!

P.S.  Sorry my videos look grainy sometimes, I promise when I recorded it I didn’t notice at all, I need to upgrade to an actual camera…someday.