Imagine Christmas Morning

November 30, 2011

Warning:  As it’s nearing December I’ll probably get heavy on the Christmas posts.  In most ways I agree with the phrase, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” so prepare yourself for some Christmas cheer up in here!

I meant to do a video for this post while visiting my parent’s house this past week, but then I ran out of time so these pictures below will have to suffice.  My dad’s parents were big collectors.  They thought that they would try to pass on the love of collecting to their grandchildren, it didn’t work, especially for me, I don’t collect and I don’t have any plans to do so ever.  I purge, I sell, I toss, I donate, I don’t collect.  My brother Bryan got smokers (cool, but not cool when you are a kid), my brother Kevin got Nutcrackers (again same scenario), and I got EFFANBEE dolls, yep that’s pronounced just like it’s spelled.  Now you are getting the picture of why I wanted to do a video, right? We would open these gifts every year at Christmas and pretend that it was a really cool gift.  Lucky for me in the early years when pretending was harder they gave me dolls that were pretty, their eyes opened and closed and they were storybook characters, here is Goldilocks:

Sorry for the blurry photo

I know what you are probably thinking…oh that’s not bad, you were a little girl and you got a doll.  You’re right, not too bad, but then you are told that it’s a doll to look at not to play with and so the only redeeming quality about it was ripped from you.  These all either stayed in the box or were displayed in a cabinet for my entire life and still are today.  Goldilocks, Snow White, Mother Goose, and the list goes on of storybook characters that my mom is so graciously storing at her house until I have a house large enough to store the things.

Fast forward to later in life, the dolls got creepier and creepier as the years went on.  One year I opened this little guy up, you tell me how a 12 year old acts excited about this gift…

Huck Finn...every girls dream

And then, it took a turn for the worst, this doll below is what horror films are made of…

Cue Creepy music, it's Mark Twain in case you aren't familiar with what he looks like!

If they were worth anything I would definitely be selling these right now and paying off our new couch, but they are currently not even worth what my grandparent’s paid for them and so the collectibles will sit in a closet and collect dust until someday when I can get some money for them or when I have kids I’ll let them take them out of the boxes and play with them.  Mr. Twain will forever stay in his box however, I would hate for my little ones to have nightmares!


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