The Privilege

November 15, 2011

Whenever we go to Bryan and Amanda’s house I always hope we get there in time to see Hudson before he goes to bed.  We all go into Hudson’s room and ask him who he wants to put him to bed, then we all quietly hope that he picks us.  The past few times we’ve been there he has picked me like 80% of the time…not bad.  Bed time is the BEST time of night and I can’t believe Amanda let’s anyone besides her put him to bed.  I bathe him, which is just so nice.  Then we do his chore chart (this is new and honestly is a little bit annoying because the whole time it is his goal to procrastinate going to bed).  We feed the dog, which is one of the funniest things I see all day.  He screams, “not yet Grace” at her if she tries to eat any of the food before he is done. Then we go to his room and he picks a book.  Sometimes I pull an AUNTIE move and let him read more than one book, shame on me.  Then we pray: which his prayers are super sweet and he then picks a song.  It’s usually Old MacDonald, but sometimes it’s Bingo and the other night it was Jesus Loves Me which I really enjoyed.  Then comes the moment we all wait for…kiss time.  I don’t know how I really feel about kissing on the mouth, but since his parent’s do it, I by default kiss him on the mouth because I don’t want him to think I don’t love him.  Kiss time is fun because he gets to pick what kind of kiss he wants: butterfly, Eskimo, or smooches.  With me he almost always asks for butterfly and then he says smooch after I give him butterfly.  For a while he would ask for a big smooch and then a little smooch, ahhhh so sweet.  I love bedtime routine with big H and until I get to have my own kiddo to put down I’ll keep secretly hoping he picks me!

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