Friday Fun

November 11, 2011

Most of you know I have a pinterest account and that I’m an avid pinner.  Most of you however do not follow my “I wish we wanted a pet” board so I decided I would share some of the sweet animal pictures I’ve pinned lately.  Some of them are funny, some of them are cute, and all of them make me want a pet, but none of them have convinced me it’s a good idea.

The resemblance is creepy

This is a mix between a basset hound and a sharpei, it looks like a cartoon character, adorable!

The text on the picture says it all

Great Dane Puppy, I'd love to find one of these under my tree!

This is FOR REAL, and I would love to snuggle that thing

If you want to find the sources of all of these pictures you can click on my PINTEREST board to find the original sites, I do not have the energy to link it all.  Oh and on that board you will also find quite a few cute boxer pictures, imagine that!

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