Thursday Latelies: Sans Video

November 10, 2011

After re-watching the video that I recorded this week I realized it was a little too personal for people that don’t know me, so I’ll just write about the things that I’m loving this week!

I’ve been playing THIS song on repeat all week.  Jamming out in the car, loving it!

HEYTELL: Get it and start talking to me more!  Love it because I can “text” and drive without the danger!

Dr. Campbell listed our broken nasty refrigerator on Craigslist without me reminding him that I wanted it done and it was picked up in less than 24 hours which means our garage just got a lot more room and I’m elated every time I open the door.

Lastly:  I LOVE That we live in a “small town” attached to a big city.  Everything we need to do is in a 7 mile radius (besides visiting family, and AC’s job) and I was able to leave work, grab TP, drop off a book at the library, go to the gym for 30 minutes, get gas and arrive home in one hour!

I am having a fantastic week, going out with the girls tonight to eat at a restaurant I haven’t been to before, I know it will be a total Gabfest and I’m really looking forward to it!

Don’t forget to check out Bex!


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