Imagine Christmas Morning

November 30, 2011

Warning:  As it’s nearing December I’ll probably get heavy on the Christmas posts.  In most ways I agree with the phrase, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” so prepare yourself for some Christmas cheer up in here!

I meant to do a video for this post while visiting my parent’s house this past week, but then I ran out of time so these pictures below will have to suffice.  My dad’s parents were big collectors.  They thought that they would try to pass on the love of collecting to their grandchildren, it didn’t work, especially for me, I don’t collect and I don’t have any plans to do so ever.  I purge, I sell, I toss, I donate, I don’t collect.  My brother Bryan got smokers (cool, but not cool when you are a kid), my brother Kevin got Nutcrackers (again same scenario), and I got EFFANBEE dolls, yep that’s pronounced just like it’s spelled.  Now you are getting the picture of why I wanted to do a video, right? We would open these gifts every year at Christmas and pretend that it was a really cool gift.  Lucky for me in the early years when pretending was harder they gave me dolls that were pretty, their eyes opened and closed and they were storybook characters, here is Goldilocks:

Sorry for the blurry photo

I know what you are probably thinking…oh that’s not bad, you were a little girl and you got a doll.  You’re right, not too bad, but then you are told that it’s a doll to look at not to play with and so the only redeeming quality about it was ripped from you.  These all either stayed in the box or were displayed in a cabinet for my entire life and still are today.  Goldilocks, Snow White, Mother Goose, and the list goes on of storybook characters that my mom is so graciously storing at her house until I have a house large enough to store the things.

Fast forward to later in life, the dolls got creepier and creepier as the years went on.  One year I opened this little guy up, you tell me how a 12 year old acts excited about this gift…

Huck Finn...every girls dream

And then, it took a turn for the worst, this doll below is what horror films are made of…

Cue Creepy music, it's Mark Twain in case you aren't familiar with what he looks like!

If they were worth anything I would definitely be selling these right now and paying off our new couch, but they are currently not even worth what my grandparent’s paid for them and so the collectibles will sit in a closet and collect dust until someday when I can get some money for them or when I have kids I’ll let them take them out of the boxes and play with them.  Mr. Twain will forever stay in his box however, I would hate for my little ones to have nightmares!


Well That was Frustrating

November 29, 2011

I’ve been trying my hardest to embed a picture of our couch that will be arriving on December 10th, but after an hour of watching it attempt to load I have officially given up.  So if you want to see the beauty that we agonized over getting you can CLICK HERE.  I cannot wait to have this piece in my house.  For one thing we can watch a movie lounging instead of sitting awkwardly in chairs and also because this marks the end of our need for furniture…well almost, Andrew stills needs a desk chair.  December 10th cannot come soon enough!

Thursday Latelies Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving,  I don’t feel like linking up anything so I’m not going to, it’s Thanksgiving and I want to go watch the parade 🙂  Enjoy your day, I’ll post a picture of my exciting news tomorrow.


Check It Out

November 22, 2011

My new blogroll!  I finally looked into how to update it and I went through my google reader and picked out some of my favorites.  Now I’ll be adding more from time to time when I come across a new blog or when people that I follow ACTUALLY START POSTING AGAIN!  So if you are bored while people are taking blogging breaks for the holidays check out some of my favorites.  If you are like,” hmm, what’s a blogroll?”  Just scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

My 120 Pound Journey

November 21, 2011

This video makes me want to cry and it makes me want to become a runner!  I will be light on the posting this week because we are home with family, but I wanted to give you a little something to inspire you!

Happy Thursday.  It always seems like the week before you leave for a trip crawls by.  This week I’ve thought it was a day later every single day.  Can you tell someone is excited to go home!?  If you want to WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.  Don’t be mad at me for what’s sitting behind me in the video, we had to do it! Check out Bex to see more lovely ladies sharing their loves.

Cadbury Mini Eggs: I get mine at Walgreens

The Holiday


Living the Luxe Life

November 15, 2011

I need to tell you about 2 of my favorite blogs.  I’ve linked to them before, but it was a long time ago and I have different followers since then.  Rose a la mode and good life for less.  These ladies are GENEROUS, they love to give stuff away and each month they host something called the Luxe Lotto.  It’s always fantastic stuff, but this month it’s stuff that I REALLY would love to have.  I want the kindle, necklace, and clutch, but I would absolutely adore the beautiful bowls!  CLICK HERE to check out the goods and enter to win.  If Andrew won this he wouldn’t even have to do any Christmas shopping for me!

The Privilege

November 15, 2011

Whenever we go to Bryan and Amanda’s house I always hope we get there in time to see Hudson before he goes to bed.  We all go into Hudson’s room and ask him who he wants to put him to bed, then we all quietly hope that he picks us.  The past few times we’ve been there he has picked me like 80% of the time…not bad.  Bed time is the BEST time of night and I can’t believe Amanda let’s anyone besides her put him to bed.  I bathe him, which is just so nice.  Then we do his chore chart (this is new and honestly is a little bit annoying because the whole time it is his goal to procrastinate going to bed).  We feed the dog, which is one of the funniest things I see all day.  He screams, “not yet Grace” at her if she tries to eat any of the food before he is done. Then we go to his room and he picks a book.  Sometimes I pull an AUNTIE move and let him read more than one book, shame on me.  Then we pray: which his prayers are super sweet and he then picks a song.  It’s usually Old MacDonald, but sometimes it’s Bingo and the other night it was Jesus Loves Me which I really enjoyed.  Then comes the moment we all wait for…kiss time.  I don’t know how I really feel about kissing on the mouth, but since his parent’s do it, I by default kiss him on the mouth because I don’t want him to think I don’t love him.  Kiss time is fun because he gets to pick what kind of kiss he wants: butterfly, Eskimo, or smooches.  With me he almost always asks for butterfly and then he says smooch after I give him butterfly.  For a while he would ask for a big smooch and then a little smooch, ahhhh so sweet.  I love bedtime routine with big H and until I get to have my own kiddo to put down I’ll keep secretly hoping he picks me! Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Fun

November 11, 2011

Most of you know I have a pinterest account and that I’m an avid pinner.  Most of you however do not follow my “I wish we wanted a pet” board so I decided I would share some of the sweet animal pictures I’ve pinned lately.  Some of them are funny, some of them are cute, and all of them make me want a pet, but none of them have convinced me it’s a good idea.

The resemblance is creepy

This is a mix between a basset hound and a sharpei, it looks like a cartoon character, adorable!

The text on the picture says it all

Great Dane Puppy, I'd love to find one of these under my tree!

This is FOR REAL, and I would love to snuggle that thing

If you want to find the sources of all of these pictures you can click on my PINTEREST board to find the original sites, I do not have the energy to link it all.  Oh and on that board you will also find quite a few cute boxer pictures, imagine that!

Thursday Latelies: Sans Video

November 10, 2011

After re-watching the video that I recorded this week I realized it was a little too personal for people that don’t know me, so I’ll just write about the things that I’m loving this week!

I’ve been playing THIS song on repeat all week.  Jamming out in the car, loving it!

HEYTELL: Get it and start talking to me more!  Love it because I can “text” and drive without the danger!

Dr. Campbell listed our broken nasty refrigerator on Craigslist without me reminding him that I wanted it done and it was picked up in less than 24 hours which means our garage just got a lot more room and I’m elated every time I open the door.

Lastly:  I LOVE That we live in a “small town” attached to a big city.  Everything we need to do is in a 7 mile radius (besides visiting family, and AC’s job) and I was able to leave work, grab TP, drop off a book at the library, go to the gym for 30 minutes, get gas and arrive home in one hour!

I am having a fantastic week, going out with the girls tonight to eat at a restaurant I haven’t been to before, I know it will be a total Gabfest and I’m really looking forward to it!

Don’t forget to check out Bex!