Pick Up the Phone I Know You’re Home

October 29, 2011

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.  Does anyone else remember this absolutely crazy commercial.  I think it was advertising answering machines.  Anyway since turning 26 I’ve decided I absolutely must have some goals this year because after having 25 goals last year I couldn’t have a goalless year.  I may put together some sort of list, it would be short and honestly at the moment I can’t think what these things are, but I will tell you my number one goal….

To answer the phone.  If you’ve ever called me you know that I don’t answer the phone, like ever.  If I’m in the middle of a T.V. show I don’t answer.  If I’m not in the mood to talk I don’t answer.  If I figure I’ll see you in the next week anyway I don’t answer.  Basically I would have to be in the exact right mood to answer the phone.  It doesn’t matter who you are, I even purposely didn’t answer on several occasions when the hubs called me, I know terrible, right?  For this reason some people have vowed to never call me again, seriously.  I have such this reputation in my family that if people really need to get a hold of me they don’t even call me, they call Andrew and he hands me his phone.  So this year I am picking up the phone, it’s amazing how many people I’ve reconnected with because I’ve answered every time I have been able to.  Obviously there are circumstances where I just can’t pick up, but when I can I do.  So if you have felt rejected by me, I apologize, and if you want to talk, I’ll answer, I promise!

5 Responses to “Pick Up the Phone I Know You’re Home”

  1. Tracey Mc said


  2. Gustav Weler said

    What Tracy Mc said.

  3. Mike said

    I sing that commercial to my kids and wife who think I’m nuts. I’ve searched the entire Internet and can’t find a sound clip!

    • campbell2008 said

      Mike, I have searched high and low and unfortunately have come up empty handed. I’m trying to convince my brother to record it with me and post it to you tube!

  4. Half a dozen geniuses on this page. Loved this commercial.

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