Crossing Our Fingers

September 23, 2011

This my friends, is the vanity we purchased labor day weekend at the outlets….

Isn't it a thing of beauty?

No we didn’t strike it rich, we got a crazy good deal on it.  The outlet had it for 66% off and there was nothing wrong with it so we decided we couldn’t pass it up.  There WAS nothing wrong with it until they went to load it in the crate so we could take it home and they snapped the top, oopsies.  Well no biggie they said they would refund our money or order us a new one, we of course asked them to order a new one so they did.  It came in last week and wouldn’t you know, the top came to the store already snapped.  SO we are hoping third times a charm and that we will find out today that we can go pick up our vanity and top all in one piece.  Then we will PRAY that we don’t snap the top during transport and installation!


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