Twice as Nice

September 19, 2011

About once a month this is how our goodnight goes:

{We say our goodnight: how we are feeling, what we appreciate about each other, praying, final thoughts, a goodnight smooch, I love you, goodnight!} (This part is normal for every night) Here is the portion that happens about once a month… Then I lay in bed for about an hour and contemplate whether or not getting up and going to the bathroom again would help me fall asleep.  I toss and turn and finally get up and do my business.  Then I crawl back in bed, Andrew groggily sighs and says,”Well goodnight, love you” and comes over and plants a kiss on me.  I love that he slept for an hour, woke up and thought we hadn’t said goodnight yet and I get a goodnight all over again.  It happened last night and he didn’t remember this morning, I love it!

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