Texas Fall

September 27, 2011

It’s a joke…seriously.  They were talking about fall temps on the television the other day and the high for the day was 91.  I don’t mean to complain, but I have a fall birthday…less than one week from now, and I tend to like it to be a crisp 60 degrees, the projected high on my birthday is 88 degrees.  That is actually the coolest temp in the 10 day forecast so I can’t really complain about that.  88 degrees is kind of like 60 degrees for us now.  I know that sounds CRAZY and for those of you who know me you will almost not believe me when I say I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to the Friday night football game and it was 88 degrees and there were times when the wind blew and I HAD CHILLS.  Yep our blood has thinned apparently or at least that’s what people tell us.  I must say there have been mornings where it’s been in the 60s and I’ve opened the windows of the house, lit a fall smelling candle and have actually felt pretty good about living here and that we will have a fall and then there are days like today when it’s over 100 degrees when I think fall will never come.  I’ve heard that fall is an overnight occurrence where we’ll wake up one morning it’ll be in the 50s and all the leaves will have fallen off the trees.  Next year we will need to plan a trip home (to either home) and experience the beauty of a crisp day and beautifully colored trees. Although outside it’s still summer I’ve managed to make our home on the inside feel like fall, I’ll try to post some of the things I’ve done to make our house a little more festive.  And to all of you who live in a climate that has a true fall, soak it up and send it down here!!!


Cannot Imagine

September 24, 2011

I cannot imagine getting up everyday in the six o’clock hour.

I cannot imagine the pressure one must feel to provide for their family, like to know that someone truly depends on me for their needs to be met.

I cannot imagine what it’s like to drive over an hour a day to and from work in traffic.

I cannot imagine what if feels like to work hard nine hours a day without taking a break and coming home and working more before going to bed.

I cannot imagine what it is like to live with a woman who’s emotions are all over the place sometimes and can change in a moments notice.

Andrew doesn’t have to imagine this, he lives it almost everyday and I love and respect him for it.  He does all this without complaint (most of the time) and I think to myself, how lucky am I?

Crossing Our Fingers

September 23, 2011

This my friends, is the vanity we purchased labor day weekend at the outlets….

Isn't it a thing of beauty?

No we didn’t strike it rich, we got a crazy good deal on it.  The outlet had it for 66% off and there was nothing wrong with it so we decided we couldn’t pass it up.  There WAS nothing wrong with it until they went to load it in the crate so we could take it home and they snapped the top, oopsies.  Well no biggie they said they would refund our money or order us a new one, we of course asked them to order a new one so they did.  It came in last week and wouldn’t you know, the top came to the store already snapped.  SO we are hoping third times a charm and that we will find out today that we can go pick up our vanity and top all in one piece.  Then we will PRAY that we don’t snap the top during transport and installation!

Thursday Latelies: Freedom

September 22, 2011

This is becoming habit…posting SUPER LATE.  Most of you know the drill, but in case you don’t CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!  As usual I’m linking up with Bex, A Style Diary so if you aren’t following her, go on over and check out all the other link ups!

OPI Polish

Natural Creations-no clue where to find this and link it, sorry!


Mind Blowing

September 21, 2011

So today at work I read over 200 pages of the book Skinny B!%@&: Bun in the Oven (how many people can say they can read a book at work?).  I don’t have a bun in the oven, but people are offering to let me borrow books so I take them up on it.  As I’ve been reading books about pregnancy I realize you need to start a lot of what they are telling you to do before you get pregnant so why not start implementing some of this stuff before you make a bun?  This book has completely overwhelmed my mind.  I don’t think there is any possible way I could actually do the vegan diet that they very blatantly tell you is the only healthy way to live.  Basically the book is a series of graphic accounts of animal slaughter and explaining how the government is corrupt and that’s why we eat what we eat.  I’m not saying that what they are saying is incorrect, it actually makes a lot of sense, but I’m just not willing to give up a juicy burger now and then and eat Kale and tofu instead.  I also just plain don’t have the resources to double my grocery budget which is what I’d have to do to make this crazy lifestyle switch.  So bottomline, unless you are prepared to make HUGE changes in your life when you are pregnant (or not pregnant) don’t open this book.  It will completely gross you out to all animal products.  I was ignorant enough to not know that this was a book with a complete vegan platform before I started reading it.  If you are someone who would like to make the switch to being Vegan and need a swift kick in the booty then this is a great read or read the original.  I will confess I’m only 50 pages from the end so I will finish reading it because I can’t stand when people don’t finish books…I live with one of those people.  Besides doing all the things I’ve already started doing i.e. no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners, eating organic, etc.  I can’t say this book is going to change me… I’m a soap-boxer and this is not a box I want to stand on.

No offense to all of you who are vegan out there I APPLAUD YOU!  I’m sure you are much healthier than me and I wish I had the self control to become one!

Twice as Nice

September 19, 2011

About once a month this is how our goodnight goes:

{We say our goodnight: how we are feeling, what we appreciate about each other, praying, final thoughts, a goodnight smooch, I love you, goodnight!} (This part is normal for every night) Here is the portion that happens about once a month… Then I lay in bed for about an hour and contemplate whether or not getting up and going to the bathroom again would help me fall asleep.  I toss and turn and finally get up and do my business.  Then I crawl back in bed, Andrew groggily sighs and says,”Well goodnight, love you” and comes over and plants a kiss on me.  I love that he slept for an hour, woke up and thought we hadn’t said goodnight yet and I get a goodnight all over again.  It happened last night and he didn’t remember this morning, I love it!

Thursday Latelies: Girlfriends

September 15, 2011

I’m back this week joining up with Bex, A Style Diary doing Thursday Latelies.  If you’d like to watch the video CLICK HERE!!  In less than 24 hours I’ll be bear hugging my man!!!  What gets better than that?


Necklace: Similar 

Sunday evening Bryan, Amanda and I were laying on their bed in a triangle and letting Hudson jump around in the middle of us.  This wasn’t a new thing and he has yet to get hurt jumping on the bed.  The events that occurred are a bit blurry to me, but I will tell you at some point he fell HARD backwards and the back of his head slammed into my mouth.  OUCH!  Talk about a kick in the teeth.  I couldn’t decide what hurt worse, my teeth or my bottom lip.  My lip bled a little, but nothing terrible, my teeth surged pain for a couple hours and you know there is nothing you can do about that!  I have a slightly fat lip and it’s still sore, but no one would know just by looking at me.

It made me remember the time when I was 7 years old playing with plastic baseball bats with our next door neighbor.  We had seen our brothers play a sword fight game of sorts with these plastic bats so we decided to give it a whirl.  A few minutes into this game she hit me very hard in my mouth with a plastic bat.  My lip got so fat and bloody that it looked like my upper lip had turned inside out and touched my nose.  It stayed this way for well over a week.  I wish I had a picture I could upload for you, I know my mom has one floating around from a week later when we went to six flags and it still looked pretty gnarly.  Bottomline: don’t swing plastic bats and one another!

Throw Your Hands Up In the Air

September 12, 2011

Do you remember that Destiny’s Child Song, “All the Women Who’re Independent throw your hands up in the air”?  Well as of about 4 years ago I would not have been able to raise my hands.  I would say I was one of the most dependent people I know.  I was dependent on my parents for all the basic financial life necessities.  I had just learned how to cook a meal, do a load of laundry and keep my room clean (I was a junior in college when I figured out these skills after calling different friends to ask things like how do you wash a load of jeans and how do you heat a can of green beans?)  I lived my life dependent on other people to meet not only my life needs, but my emotional needs as well.  I thought it was everyone’s job to make sure I felt good about myself.  Also it was other people who were responsible for shaping me into the person I would become.  I took little responsibility for myself and had every intention of marrying someone who would fill all my needs and someone who I could be completely dependent on.

Enter Andrew Campbell.  I thought yes! , he is my knight in shining armor here to rescue me from a life where I would have to be independent!  Boy was I ever wrong.  I learned quickly that Andrew wanted to marry an independent woman, someone who wanted him, but didn’t need him.  He wanted someone who would be his team mate, make decisions with him, and be okay alone sometimes.  I decided I wanted him bad enough and I would change my dependent ways in order to be with him.  I know some of you are thinking…wait a second, you should never change for someone!  I agree with this to a point, but on the other hand the things he wanted were really things that I needed to do anyway.  All he wanted was for Laura Russell to take a big girl pill and become an adult before getting married.

So here we are over four years later and I am so thankful he pushed me to become independent.  The job Andrew has now is a traveling job where he is gone about a week a month, this month 10 days (it’s a work/pleasure trip).  The old me would have crumbled, cried at night and been an absolute wreck.  The current me is content, meeting with girlfriends, watching cheesy television shows, spending time with H, and when I get a little lonely or spooked I find it’s totally okay to be dependent.  I lay in bed and just pray until I fall asleep.  I’m not going to lie, I still call someone and have them on the phone when I walk into my dark house and I check my closets and behind my shower curtain, but for the most part I’m throwing my hands up in the air 🙂

Preparing for the Worst…

September 7, 2011

Hoping for the best.  Last night we went to the library and on our way saw a fresh fire burning in Cedar Park.  When we got home I frantically searched the internet to find the location of the blaze and it was a few miles from our house at an apartment complex.  No one knows how half of the fires burning were started so we realized our neighborhood could literally be next!  So we got our fire safe box out, loaded it with my grandmother’s jewelry, wedding photo CD, and our important documents and then took pictures of just about everything we own.  Opened all our cabinets and took pictures of all of that too.  There are some things that are irreplaceable that don’t fit in our little box that I will just have to get over if we were to someday lose everything.  Most things I have no sentimental attachment to, for those of you who know me well I attempted to sell most of our possessions and start over when we got here.  Andrew and I compromised and we got rid of some, but not all.  The saddest thing to lose is a tie between my Grandparent’s fiestaware and the English corner cupboard, or actually maybe the upholstered Chip and Dale chair.  Taking stock of everything in your home is a daunting task, but in light of this weeks events I think it’s a necessary one.  It sounds like a time waste, however I know in the end if something were to happen it would actually be a huge time saver.  It’s strange how events like this can really put your stuff in perspective, there are very few material possessions that I would try to save, stuff is replaceable and pretty unimportant.

Over 600 homes have been destroyed in our area so far and the fires are still not contained.  Please shoot up some prayers for the firefighters and for all the people who have lost everything and will have to begin to rebuild.  Also that it would rain here and that the fires would be extinguished today before the wind picks back up tomorrow!