August 17, 2011

This weekend I had many realizations.

1.  We are SO SPOILED with our bed.  We are the lucky owners of a King Size Four Seasons Sterns and Foster bed.  This is reportedly one of the best beds on the market besides the temperpedic and it isn’t until I sleep on another bed that I realize how good we have it: READ- We tossed and turned for both nights in the hotel bed.

2.  The gulf shore and the atlantic or pacific shore are different things.  The gulf is not very beautiful and there are lots of “interesting” people vacationing at Port Aransas.

3.  Some of the best food can be found at the dive restaurants.  We had sandwiches at a place called the moondog which looked very sketchy and had a mediocre atmosphere, but the chicken sandwiches was for real one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.

4.  Pecan Pralines and my tummy are not friends.  My mouth and pecan pralines are besties though!

5.  I am married to a nice man.  I always knew this, but going out and seeing other married couples really highlights this for me.  There was a man being mean to his wife at one of the restaurants on our vacation and I ached for her because I could tell she was used to the abuse.

6.  My BFF will be that very things until the day we exit the World and I appreciate her so much!  The distance has not hurt us, but it’s very hard!  She wrote a sweet post today over on her BLOG.

7.  I am becoming an introvert, is that even possible?  Usually I crave being around people, but I am finding that my alone time is extremely refreshing.  I think people might start calling me Laura the Loner pretty soon.

8.  Andrew is as crazy about Hudson as I am…I didn’t think this was possible, but we didn’t see H this weekend and Andrew has brought him up in one way or another everyday.  I love that he loves him, they are so stinking cute together!

9.  I am just now starting to get a little homesick.  We’ve lived here for nine months and I’ve been doing pretty good, but for some reason it has hit me in the past couple weeks that THIS is my home and that, my friends, has not been a pretty realization.  It’ll get better, I FaceTimed with my mom and dad last night and talked to Stephanie while I grocery shopped and that seemed to help a lot.

10.  My mom said, “see you in 5 weeks” last night and that’s when it hit me that I will be 26 in 5 weeks, YIKES, I’m SO NOT READY and my list isn’t even close to complete!

Realization: we still look pretty darn cute together

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