August 1, 2011

There were two times this week where I was appalled by rudeness.  They both involved an adult and a child.

Amanda and I went to the grocery store the other day and as we were approaching the check out she told me how she has become very aware of how adults don’t pay attention to children.  She told me that Hudson tries to talk to everyone he comes in contact with and they ignore his sweet little voice.  As we went through the checkout line none of the adults acknowledged his presence and then as the bagger put the bags in the cart Hudson said thank you to him as each bag went into the cart.  The man never said, “you’re welcome” so Hudson just kept saying it OVER and OVER again because he knows that it’s polite to say “you’re welcome” when someone thanks you.  It was breaking my heart so I politely said to the bagger, “Aw did you hear him?” and he didn’t even acknowledge that I said something to him. RUDE!  Next time there is a child in your midst make sure to pay attention to them and offer them the same pleasantries you would offer a peer.  We need to teach our children that they are valued and we need to teach them manners by showing them manners!

The second rude encounter was a child being rude to ME and H.  We went to Hopping House on Friday and Hudson wanted to sit in a particular seat.  There wasn’t anyone sitting there, but there were a couple toys and a drink so I pushed the items out of the way so Hudson couldn’t touch them and I sat him down.  A few minutes later a child who was probably 10 years old came charging up at us screaming that we were in his seat.  He started elbowing and shoving Hudson (who is two years old) out of the seat.  I said,” Excuse me.  I see that this was your seat, but you weren’t sitting here and you have no right to treat us this way.”  He didn’t even acknowledge that I was speaking to him and I decided that I would drop it.  Later Amanda pointed out that he was being watched by a 16 year old that wasn’t paying any attention to him.  So as rude as he was I felt sorry for him that no one is teaching him any manners, but more so that he is probably neglected and acts out in order to gain some attention.

The way I say rude in my head all the time is the way Bon Qui Qui says it, check her out!


One Response to “RUDE!”

  1. As soon as I read this, I thought of Brooklin who says “WUUUUUDE!” all the time 🙂

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