Sir Lennox The Dreamholder

July 20, 2011

That was his official registered name, but we called him Lenny, Lenster, Lenny Oh Oh, Leonard, Len, and other variations of that.  Lenny and I weren’t the best of friends early on.  He cried A LOT and was super annoying, he chewed my shoes, peed on the floor and was a complete attention hog.  But then about a year into his life I really started to love him.  He was your shadow, you were never lonely when he was there because he wouldn’t leave you alone.  He had a fantastic personality and absolutely loved people.  He was very sensitive apparently because he never stopped crying, but we all got used to it.  He liked car rides and taking walks, but mostly he liked to snuggle and was a 70 pound lap dog.  My parents treated him like a child and catered to him more than most people cater to their pets, but he really was a part of our family and we loved him so much.  I wish I had the picture on my computer of him from my wedding day.  My parents house was buzzing with people and the photographer stopped by to snap a couple pictures.  I got down on the floor with Lenny and there is a picture where he turns and looks at the photographer as if to say, excuse me, I’m having a moment with the bride.  Lennox had to be put down last Wednesday, he got cancer and it progressed rather quickly.  My parents are learning to live without a shadow and we are all thankful for the time that we got to spend with him.  I hope there are dogs in heaven and I hope that Lennox greets us at the gates!


5 Responses to “Sir Lennox The Dreamholder”

  1. Pam Larson said

    RIP Lennox. You were a good dog

  2. Oh my gosh I just got all teary-eyed. I’m so sorry, Laura. Even though I only met him a couple of times, I know how much you guys loved him, and I can’t imagine losing Mojo. I’m so sorry for your family 😦

  3. Holly said

    He was such a great dog! One of my favorite pictures of him was when he had just licked Nevan’s face and he had the most priceless look on his face.

  4. Kevin Russell said

    Beautifully put, I will never forget Len and I have some great memories of he and I together. Sad day:( Love ya sister>

  5. Ellen said

    “God created human beings and also animals, and I’m sure he also loves animals. And I believe that with God it is such that all who loved each other on earth- genuinely loved each other- will remain together with God, for to love is part of God.”
    -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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