Eating a Dry Sandwich

July 12, 2011

I NEVER eat ANYTHING dry.  I am a condiment lover!!! However when we started this lose it thing I realized that about one hundred calories could be cut out of my diet each day if I forwent the condiments.  The other night we went out to dinner and I ordered a club sandwich, no bacon.  I bit into it before putting any sort of mayo or mustard on it and it was ACTUALLY good!  The tomato was so juicy that I didn’t even need any mayo, but for the first time in my life I actually tried something before adding extra calories to it, what a novel idea!  Here are some of the tricks I have found in the past few weeks that have helped us cut some of the calories out, I thought this might be helpful to our other friends who are losing it with us!

Bread: I found an OROWHEAT (AKA BROWNBERRY) bread that is 90 calories per slice.  It’s the 100% whole wheat version and it’s honestly not bad at all.  I’ve cut down to only eating a one slice sandwhich which also cut down on the turkey and the miracle whip (yes I am still going to use it sometimes) this switch to half a sandwhich saves me 175 calories at lunch!

Chocolate:  I went up and down the candy aisle Monday night looking for something I could fill our candy jar with and I stumbled upon aerated chocolate.  Hershey’s kisses now have an aerated version (meaning they pump air into it) that are only 18 calories per kiss!  Haha ok I just looked up regular kisses and they only have 22, but hey I’ll save any calories I can and you can’t really tell the difference.

Special K bars: Chocolate Pretzel snack bars are only 90 calories and they are tasty!  I also bought a chocolate drizzle which I am sure is good too, just haven’t opened the box yet.

Fruit:  You can eat A LOT of strawberries for 100 calories, I usually only eat about 50 calories worth and I cut them up and put one packet of splenda on them…this is the only time I use splenda so I count that as not too bad!  They are just too tart otherwise.  Cantaloupe here is so fresh and juicy these days and you get quite a bit for the calories.  I also am loving Pineapple and they are cheap down here so I get one every week!

Yogurt:  Yoplait Light is 100 calories and I’ve tried every flavor they have.  The only one I thought was gross was the peach, it had bizarre chunks in it!  My favorites are the Strawberry and Key Lime Pie.

Weight Watchers Cheese sticks: 50 calories and very tasty, also they are so convenient!

So there you have a short list of the things that are keeping us alive as we navigate the waters of eating half of what we typically eat.  I’m still just around 6 pounds down, but I’m hoping this week I’ll lose a couple more.


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