How is it possible?

June 28, 2011

That we don’t all way over 500 pounds??  Andrew, Amanda, Me, Mom and “Aunt Jill” started Lose It this past week and let me tell you it is INCREDIBLY eye opening.  Thank you to Stephanie for your suggestion in the comments section!  We started last Monday and have come to the realization that on any given day we were typically eating an extra 1000 to 2000 calories!  WHAT??? How is that even possible???  Take yesterday for example, I wanted a PB&J for lunch so I measured it all out and for 1/2 of a sandwich with 1 piece of bread, 1 tablespoon of PB and 1 tablespoon of Jelly it was 265 calories.  I used to eat an entire sandwich sometimes after work for a snack, before dinner!  When I texted this revelation to Amanda she responded back letting me know that she used to eat 2 in one sitting!!!  Don’t get me started on the pizza, we are still eating a lot of pizza, but our portion size has reduced drastically.  We used to just split the Digiorno in half (1170 calories per person) now we eat one slice for 390 calories.  I also looked up our standard meals at Chili’s when we get the combo thing with the appetizer, meal and dessert and we were both consuming over 2000 calories in one sitting!  I have been very hungry most of the day and go to bed with a growling tummy every night, but before I go to bed I mentally think “body, eat your own fat.”  It’s working I’ve lost nearly 3 pounds in the matter of about 10 days so that’s a healthy weight loss so far.  If you want to get serious about weight loss and want a very eye opening experience go to the website and sign up.  If you want to friend me my user name is Lauracampbell2008, it’s easier to lose weight when you have a team of encouragers, so get your friends in on it!


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