If You Say So

June 23, 2011

Amanda and I talk a lot about what “They say” You know like, “They say anti-perspirant leads to breast cancer”  They is always a different random source and we never actually look into if it’s myth or fact.  So I came up with a little list of some things I’ve just always assumed to be true and never bothered to look it up!

1.  If you do not give a child refined white sugar before the age of 5 they do not develop a taste or craving for sugary foods.

2.  Allowing your child to watch television before the age of 2 leads to ADHD because the T.V. images move so fast that it overstimulates them.

3.  If you want to get rid of your pet always sell if for at least $1 because witches cannot do animal sacrifices on anything they have purchased.

4.  If you drive at a speed of 45 MPH or more with your windows down it uses the same amount of gas as if you just have your air conditioning on.

5.  McDonald’s has a special formula of diet coke that makes it so addicting!

If you know any of the actual answers to these leave a comment, or comment something that you take as truth because “they say so.”

One Response to “If You Say So”

  1. Carrie said

    I’ve never heard any of those except I saw the windows vs. a/c one on Mythbusters. I don’t remember what the conclusion was, though.

    Actually, I take that back, I’ve heard the Diet Coke one, but more in a joking way.

    I’ve heard that no one can drink a whole gallon of milk without throwing up.

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