Hide-A-Bed Bliss

June 8, 2011

I have always wanted a T.V. in our room.  I love to lay around and watch movies and such and our couch is just not that comfortable for lounging.  Thankfully I won the battle of the couch and we purchased a hide-a-bed when we moved to Texas.  We pulled it out on Friday and just last night folded it back in.  This is really the best solution for the wanting a T.V. in our bedroom.  Not only do people tell you not to get a T.V. in your room, but you can eat on the Hide-A-Bed all you want and never have to sleep on the crumbs.  In the past 5 days we’ve definitely eaten some dinners on the bed.  We finished 24 season 7 last night and when it was over we discovered that we completely missed season 5.  No wonder some things didn’t make any sense!  I guess we’ll be going back and watching that at some point.  I love low key weekends and week nights with the hubs.  I’m getting as much time with him as possible before I leave tomorrow on my trip HOME!  I.can.not.wait to see people and stay at my parents for a long weekend, but I will miss my sweetie for sure!


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