Hostess with the Mostess

May 31, 2011

Ok so I’m not saying I am the hostess with the mostess, but I love to host people from out of town.  Andrew’s parents came in from Massachusetts for Memorial Day weekend and it was the first time ever that we had actually hosted them in our home.  All of their other visits they stayed at Club Russell and my parents cooked, cleaned, helped plan activities, etc, etc.  We had such a nice visit and Austin did not disappoint us with hot and sunny weather like we promised them.  They called us on Thursday to tell us their flight was cancelled, but they arrived by lunch on Friday and everything worked out great.  So here is a quick recap of the Campbell family visit.  Of course I have zero pictures, because that’s how we roll…

Friday: Lunch at Hula Hut (our favorite Mexican restaurant on the water).  We showed them around our house and got the same reaction as everyone else, they just couldn’t picture this from the video and pictures.  So bottomline if you REALLY want to see our house you need to plan a visit!  Then we had Andrew’s birthday dinner…pictures of that coming later, it turned out great!

Saturday:  We ventured down to Greune, TX went to the Gristmill, The Antique Company, and The General Store.  I love this little town and know we could have spent a full day here.  We then headed off to San Antonio to see the Alamo and walk the Riverwalk.  It was a hot one, but we had a nice day.

Sunday:  We had a low key day of church, eating leftovers and then we went to Sunday family dinner at my brother and S-I-L.  Andrew took his parents for a beautiful scenic drive.  We love the scenery here!

Monday:  We spent the day at a friends lake condo.  It was a hot and sunny WINDY day.  Too windy for boating so we spent the day sunning at the pool.  We had “The Worst BBQ in Texas” Rudy’s for dinner…this is their slogan, it’s actually supposedly the best!

We realized that we didn’t hit a lot of places, but some of that was on purpose so that we have places to take them the next time they visit.  I’m trying to get my M-I-L to come down alone so we can go to all the different hot spot shopping places.  Ideally I would get my mother and Mother in Law to come at the same time so we can have a crazy girls weekend!

Needless to say the trip was great, quick, but really nice!


One Response to “Hostess with the Mostess”

  1. Mom said

    I am totally up for a crazy girls weekend. – Let’s
    start planning!!

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