House Updates

May 22, 2011

Andrew’s parents will be here in 4 days!  We are SO excited for them to come down, see our new home, celebrate Andrew’s birthday and check out our new city.  Their impending visit has been a great excuse to get in gear and knock out some house projects.  This weekend we did the following things:

1.  Stenciled…ok Andrew was a trooper and did all the stenciling this weekend, unfortunately we ran out of paint and couldn’t finish, but we did enough that we could hang our headboard and pictures above our bed.

2.  Hung our family room curtains.  My mom made them and sent them down.  They look very dramatic and I LOVE them!

3.  Painted, glazed and sealed the bead board around our kitchen island, then we hung our towel bar up on our island…this signaled the completion of our kitchen project.  Our kitchen looks gorgeous if I do say so myself.  It looks completely different than it did when we first moved down here.

4.  Hung pictures and sconces in hearthroom

5.  Unpacked a  bunch of boxes from our office.  This is the very last place that has clutter and we’re hoping to finish it all before they arrive.

6.  We took several trips to BB&Beyond to get some of the last minute items we’ve been procrastinating on.

7.  Organized my junk drawer, something my friend Pam has and I’ve always enjoyed.  It’s a “junk drawer” where everything has a specific place.

Here are a couple pictures.  Mum & Dad Campbell if you want to be surprised when you arrived don’t look at the pictures.  There aren’t very many, but here are a couple.

This is a ROUGH draft, there are a lot of things I have to tweak, but you get the idea!

This and the next photo are literally the only things in the room, there is no rug or furniture, it's a great place for a dance party I guess!

Picture my momma gave me with Jeremiah 29:11 on it

Hoping to organize every nook and cranny in our house like this!


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