50% OFF Thirty-One

April 25, 2011

So after moving to Texas I decided that since I know very few people I would be giving up 31 for awhile.  This doesn’t mean forever necessarily and I have kept a pretty substantial stash of stuff that is either embroidered or I use frequently.  I thought I would let you know what I was selling before offering it up to other people.  I am coming home to the C-U in June SO if you want any of these items and you don’t want to pay shipping costs I’ll bring them to you in June.  If you want them sooner or live in another location I’ll calculate shipping and let you know.  If you want an item shoot me an e-mail at Lauraecampbell31@yahoo.com and we’ll get the payment settled.  So here are your options:

Brown Quilted Soft Wallet $10

Small Lunch tote in wrapper $6

Foldable Box Small $5

On the Go Organizer $11

Wristlet Wallet $11 SOLD

Large Flower Clip $3

Luggage Tag $3

Luggage Tag $3



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