TWO of the Many Reasons We Live in Austin

April 23, 2011

BOATING.  We went out for about 2 hours on the lake today and soaked in some beautiful sunshine.  The waters were pretty busy seeing as it was a gorgeous sunny day and with the temps in the 90s people wanted that cool lake breeze.  We saw some mansions, including what we believe to be Mark Zuckerberg’s new pad.  It’s a mansion built on 3 lots and is literally the size of 3 giant houses squashed together.  For the first time in 3 months I actually got some tan, I was embarrassed to live in the south and be as white as I have been.

HUDSON.  I think this was obvious, but I tell you what, this kid gets sweeter everyday.  Today we ate brunch, I read him books, we had some dinner together, he colored Easter Eggs, and he FINALLY answered the question, “do you eat poop?” properly with the answer NO.  Usually we insert that silly question into a stream of other questions and he gets on a roll saying yes and then he says yes to that question which we all know isn’t true.  He is potty training right now so there is a lot of poop and pee talk going on in the house.  We are trying to communicate that “big boys” go in the potty.  When we asked him if Andrew pooped in the potty or in a diaper he thought long and hard and then he said, “Andrew poop in pants.”  Hilarious.  We also all have to go into the bathroom so he can pee on the potty and as he sits down to go he says “Uponapotty” which is cue for the book and then when he is finished he reads the potty book that MeeMaw gave him (which he loves by the way mom).  Then we ended the night like this:

I refrain from eating him up, it's hard though. We look awful, but we were boating so I guess that's a good excuse?


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