Direct Your Anger

April 13, 2011

This morning I was watching the Today show and they had a segment on TSA searches.  This is obviously a controversial topic right now and many people are outraged at the amped up security and violation of our privacy.  The focus today was on children being searched.  Now I can see how it seems completely unreasonable to search a child, however if people are crazy enough to wear shoe bombs and underwear bombs they are crazy enough to use a sweet innocent child for their sick sick plans.  It seems that almost every time I fly I am the person they randomly search and now I’m the random body scanned choice…random my foot…they just want to see this body, haha!  The whole morning I kept thinking about how our anger is directed at the wrong place.  We are so outraged with airport security when really we should be angry with the evil in the world and the people who got us to this place to begin with.  I guess there is no real face of terrorism and so we choose to use TSA as our scapegoat, but next time you fly, cut the security people some slack, they don’t want to be touching most of the people they have to touch as badly as you don’t want to be touched…just my thoughts.  Someday I may think differently if my body scans end up on the internet…


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