Kitchen Remodel

April 9, 2011

Hello friends the following post contains PICTURES.  I thought I’d go room by room and really drag the house reveal out as long as possible.  Mostly so I have time to finish the rooms to my liking.  The kitchen is ALMOST done, but I chose pictures where you can’t really see the undone parts.  So without further adieu welcome to our kitchen!  The whole remodel was done for under $1000 and I would say it was worth EVERY PENNY!  I tell you this not to brag, but to tell you that if you need to spruce up your kitchen you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The before shot: notice the ugly refrigerator, scratched and stained white counter tops and slightly dated cabinets. I didn't mind the footprint of the kitchen, so I decided we'd work with what we had!

We were so lucky that the bank gave us a new black stove and microwave!

My painted counter tops. Everyone who has seen them has told me they would have never guessed that they were painted. If you are looking to spruce up your old laminate go to and choose the color you want. It's an easy 3 step process and can be done in a weekend. I chose Sicilian Sand.

We found a refurbished appliance store and got this counter depth black refrigerator that gave us extra walking space and made the kitchen feel more open. So far I love this appliance.

This was the hardest decision of the whole kitchen. I just did not know what I really wanted and I felt like once you drilled holes you were stuck with that size handle for good. I'm happy with the choice. The cabinet color is federal gray and it's the Rustoleum Transformation kit from Home Depot. My mom did a great job on these. There are many different colors and you can put a glaze on if you would like. I chose to do the glaze finish and we love it!

The two things I'd like to change someday, but that day feels far away. I like having this bar to use as a buffet, but I would like it extended out so we can put barstools under it. The second thing is the SINK! It's ugly and dirty and I clean it everyday and still feel like it's gross. In time I'll get this fixed, but for now it works so I'm leaving it.

And there you have it.  This is my favorite room in the house and it made such a difference in the house as a whole considering all the rooms are connected to the kitchen.  Thanks to Jenna for the great pictures.  Sorry it has taken me so long to show you pictures of our house, it’s been quite the process!


4 Responses to “Kitchen Remodel”

  1. carole s. said

    great job! can you please e-mail me (or post) another pic of the kitchen? i am thinking of using the rustoleum federal gray and it is hard to tell exactly what color it is. thank you!

    • campbell2008 said

      Hey Carole, I’ll either upload more pictures this week or e-mail you some ASAP! We love the cabinets, definitely want to do the decorative glaze!

      • Lisa said

        I know this was back in 2012 but can you email some more pictures. I would love to get a better look at the federal gray glazed.

      • campbell2008 said

        Hey Lisa,

        Since posting this we have moved so I’m not sure I will be able to supply any more pictures. If I find some better close ups I’ll send them to you though.

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