The Joke Was On Me

April 1, 2011

So this week I FINALLY got rid of my license plate  from when I was 16.  I only got rid of them because we had to get Texas plates and it was a bittersweet trade.  On one hand I didn’t want to get rid of my Train plates because there was a story behind them…a purely clean story or so I thought.  I was 14 and at “summer camp” for lack of a better term and there was a group of us that decided to give each other nicknames there was S-Doll, C-Note, J-Dogg, L-Train and I can’t remember the rest, but they were silly and I never thought these names would stick!  When I entered high school that fall the people that gave me this nickname decided to use it daily and introduce me to their friends as L-Train.  I think I went through much of my freshman year with half of the people in the school not knowing my actual first name.  When Sophomore year rolled around and it came time to choose a license plate I didn’t think twice about getting Train as my plate, L-train was taken so I settled on train 37.  It wasn’t until a YEAR later that my brothers asked my parents why in the world they would LET ME get that as my license plate knowing what it meant?  This of course launched me into a few questions of what kind of connotation train has?  After they told me it explained a lot…that’s why people honked at me, shouted out their windows asking for my number, and why many of the people I babysat for asked me why I had that as my license plate.  So on one hand I’m sad to see it go after almost a decade, but much more than that I’m glad to have a generic Texas plate!

I’m not good with April Fool’s jokes, so I thought in lieu of that I would just post the story of how the joke was on me and I was totally clueless for years…and believe me I’m sure the guys got a kick out of the biggest goodie two-shoes in the school broadcasting a false advertisement  on her car, so funny.


2 Responses to “The Joke Was On Me”

  1. Emily said

    I admit I had to ask William what this term meant. 🙂

  2. Jill said

    I think I will have to google it…

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