50% OFF Thirty-One

April 25, 2011

So after moving to Texas I decided that since I know very few people I would be giving up 31 for awhile.  This doesn’t mean forever necessarily and I have kept a pretty substantial stash of stuff that is either embroidered or I use frequently.  I thought I would let you know what I was selling before offering it up to other people.  I am coming home to the C-U in June SO if you want any of these items and you don’t want to pay shipping costs I’ll bring them to you in June.  If you want them sooner or live in another location I’ll calculate shipping and let you know.  If you want an item shoot me an e-mail at Lauraecampbell31@yahoo.com and we’ll get the payment settled.  So here are your options:

Brown Quilted Soft Wallet $10

Small Lunch tote in wrapper $6

Foldable Box Small $5

On the Go Organizer $11

Wristlet Wallet $11 SOLD

Large Flower Clip $3

Luggage Tag $3

Luggage Tag $3



BOATING.  We went out for about 2 hours on the lake today and soaked in some beautiful sunshine.  The waters were pretty busy seeing as it was a gorgeous sunny day and with the temps in the 90s people wanted that cool lake breeze.  We saw some mansions, including what we believe to be Mark Zuckerberg’s new pad.  It’s a mansion built on 3 lots and is literally the size of 3 giant houses squashed together.  For the first time in 3 months I actually got some tan, I was embarrassed to live in the south and be as white as I have been.

HUDSON.  I think this was obvious, but I tell you what, this kid gets sweeter everyday.  Today we ate brunch, I read him books, we had some dinner together, he colored Easter Eggs, and he FINALLY answered the question, “do you eat poop?” properly with the answer NO.  Usually we insert that silly question into a stream of other questions and he gets on a roll saying yes and then he says yes to that question which we all know isn’t true.  He is potty training right now so there is a lot of poop and pee talk going on in the house.  We are trying to communicate that “big boys” go in the potty.  When we asked him if Andrew pooped in the potty or in a diaper he thought long and hard and then he said, “Andrew poop in pants.”  Hilarious.  We also all have to go into the bathroom so he can pee on the potty and as he sits down to go he says “Uponapotty” which is cue for the book and then when he is finished he reads the potty book that MeeMaw gave him (which he loves by the way mom).  Then we ended the night like this:

I refrain from eating him up, it's hard though. We look awful, but we were boating so I guess that's a good excuse?

Actually Free

April 19, 2011

You know how there are millions of gimmicks out there that make you think you are actually getting something for free and then when you sign in and get to the very last page of the offer it asks for your credit card number and wants to just have it on file for when that free period runs out?  Well today when I went to Walgreens to get our medicine not only was the medicine on sale (like $10 off), I got a coupon at the register for a free year magazine subscription because of the type of medicine I bought.  I don’t buy magazines because they are a complete luxury item, in my opinion…unless I’m flying then I buy one and view it as a necessity!  So I signed in and went through all the steps, selected Elle Decor and then when I clicked submit it said, “you’ll be receiving your first of nine issues in 12-15 weeks.  No credit card information or anything.  Granted I’m sure they’ll use my contact information and send me spam, but they didn’t ask for my credit card so I consider that to be free.  I’m not sure if I was more excited about $10 off the medicine or the free magazine subscription, either way I’m happy!

On a different note it was a high of 97 today and tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 99, they keep saying this is extremely warm for this time of year and they are saying the north is unseasonably cold, unfortunately sounds like the perfect recipe for more tornadoes.  I cannot believe the recent devastation across the country.  I’m told Austin doesn’t “really” get tornadoes, we’ll see what that actually means, but I do think that if they do get them its extremely occasional because there are no sirens here.  And you are welcome for this completely random post 🙂

Creature of Habit

April 18, 2011

I love schedules and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a set schedule.  It has driven me absolutely crazy!  This week I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of things down here.  I have planning and grocery Mondays, Work Tuesday-Thursday, Cleaning and Laundry Fridays and then a free for all weekend ending with family dinner Sunday night.  I am also really excited because Bryan built me my closet yesterday and soon it will be all organized and gorgeous!  He did an absolutely fantastic job building me the exact closet I wanted.  Tonight I have been painting on it and now I’m just waiting for it to dry so I can do a second coat.  I have also formulated a schedule for the little guy I watch on Tuesday-Thursday so that I get to have a set schedule while I’m at work.  Our life is starting to feel familiar again, we even had friends over the other night and chatted late into the evening.  Austin is starting to feel more like home!

Lord of the flies

April 15, 2011

Oh my word! This is going to sound like an exaggeration but I assure you it isn’t!! When we got home from our dinner and movie date I walked into our bathroom to find 10 huge flies flying around. I called Andrew in to kill them for me and he was able to kill every single one of them in 3 minutes with just a rolled up newspaper. Flies are MUCH slower here than in Illinois and they are also much bigger. We think the dead rodents in our attic attracted them to our house and they somehow got into our bathroom. Andrew was my hero tonight because I somewhat flipped out due to the sheer amount of pests. I’m thoroughly grossed out!!!!

Direct Your Anger

April 13, 2011

This morning I was watching the Today show and they had a segment on TSA searches.  This is obviously a controversial topic right now and many people are outraged at the amped up security and violation of our privacy.  The focus today was on children being searched.  Now I can see how it seems completely unreasonable to search a child, however if people are crazy enough to wear shoe bombs and underwear bombs they are crazy enough to use a sweet innocent child for their sick sick plans.  It seems that almost every time I fly I am the person they randomly search and now I’m the random body scanned choice…random my foot…they just want to see this body, haha!  The whole morning I kept thinking about how our anger is directed at the wrong place.  We are so outraged with airport security when really we should be angry with the evil in the world and the people who got us to this place to begin with.  I guess there is no real face of terrorism and so we choose to use TSA as our scapegoat, but next time you fly, cut the security people some slack, they don’t want to be touching most of the people they have to touch as badly as you don’t want to be touched…just my thoughts.  Someday I may think differently if my body scans end up on the internet…

My Current Lovely Life

April 11, 2011

Besides missing having friends and my parents I really love life her in Austin.  This past week as you know I started my job and it’s going great.  Also I got a babysitting job on my off days to pay for my trip home in June.   It’s lovely because I get to work from 8:30 to 2:30 on Mondays and Fridays.  It feels like full on Summer here.  The days are longer here than I ever remember April in Illinois, even though we are the same time zone I guess we’re at the far  edge so the sun sets sometime around 8:00.  People are outside all the time and it just feels like summer vacation even though it’s not.  I know in July I’ll be posting about how I’m tired of the heat and I can’t wait until the Fall, but for now I’m going to bask in the beautiful sun!  I hope all of you are enjoying the warmer weather wherever you are…it looks like the whole Country is warmer this week.

Kitchen Remodel

April 9, 2011

Hello friends the following post contains PICTURES.  I thought I’d go room by room and really drag the house reveal out as long as possible.  Mostly so I have time to finish the rooms to my liking.  The kitchen is ALMOST done, but I chose pictures where you can’t really see the undone parts.  So without further adieu welcome to our kitchen!  The whole remodel was done for under $1000 and I would say it was worth EVERY PENNY!  I tell you this not to brag, but to tell you that if you need to spruce up your kitchen you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The before shot: notice the ugly refrigerator, scratched and stained white counter tops and slightly dated cabinets. I didn't mind the footprint of the kitchen, so I decided we'd work with what we had!

We were so lucky that the bank gave us a new black stove and microwave!

My painted counter tops. Everyone who has seen them has told me they would have never guessed that they were painted. If you are looking to spruce up your old laminate go to Gianigranite.com and choose the color you want. It's an easy 3 step process and can be done in a weekend. I chose Sicilian Sand.

We found a refurbished appliance store and got this counter depth black refrigerator that gave us extra walking space and made the kitchen feel more open. So far I love this appliance.

This was the hardest decision of the whole kitchen. I just did not know what I really wanted and I felt like once you drilled holes you were stuck with that size handle for good. I'm happy with the choice. The cabinet color is federal gray and it's the Rustoleum Transformation kit from Home Depot. My mom did a great job on these. There are many different colors and you can put a glaze on if you would like. I chose to do the glaze finish and we love it!

The two things I'd like to change someday, but that day feels far away. I like having this bar to use as a buffet, but I would like it extended out so we can put barstools under it. The second thing is the SINK! It's ugly and dirty and I clean it everyday and still feel like it's gross. In time I'll get this fixed, but for now it works so I'm leaving it.

And there you have it.  This is my favorite room in the house and it made such a difference in the house as a whole considering all the rooms are connected to the kitchen.  Thanks to Jenna for the great pictures.  Sorry it has taken me so long to show you pictures of our house, it’s been quite the process!

Who Knew?

April 8, 2011

I’d love this little boy so much?

My hair would get so curly down here?

My love could grow so much for this man?

Hudson would hate getting his picture taken this much?

My siblings and I would be this crazy…there are so many bizarre things about this photo?

Thanks Jenna for capturing so much love through your lens!

So here is a little recap of the last week.  I know most of you don’t really care to read this, but it’s my life and my blog so I’m going to post it so at least I don’t forget what life is like right now!

1.  I finished my first week of my nanny job and let me just say I think it’s going to be great!!  I calculated what I make hourly and it’s pretty much more than I could make anywhere else!  I don’t take work home with me and it’s a stress free job.  Oh and the little boy is a total sweetie and his parent’s rock!  Not to mention my schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…4 day weekends what what?

2.  I’ve been able to start picking up a little extra work here and there with other families and I’m starting to save up for a little trip home in June.  When my parent’s left I got more homesick than ever and I really need to make it home once this year to stay at my parents house, see some friends and just soak up home.  I will most likely be making this trip solo since Andrew needs to make a trip to his parents and lets just say flights currently aren’t cheap!

3.  My parent’s visit was good, but although it was a long one it just didn’t feel long enough.  They luckily stayed one extra day which gave me the ability to say goodbye a little easier.  They had a crazy visit between a broken down car, an urgent care visit, and a cancelled flight.

4.  I’ve started running a little bit again and it feels SO GOOD.  I need to build some endurance before the heat hits here.  I usually don’t like the heat, but after talking to our small group tonight it looks like we’re the only ones that haven’t turned our air on yet.  It is between 69 and 79 in our house most of the time, but somehow my body has acclimated enough that it doesn’t bother me.  Perhaps it’s the lack of humidity.  I’m hoping we can make it until Memorial Day weekend before we break and turn it on…we’ll see, I’ll keep you posted on when we give in!

5.  I received a sweet little package from Jenna today.  In it was a CD with house pictures…yes that post is coming SOON, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday. Also she put a Starbucks gift card for Andrew and these neat little hair spring twist things that a friend in small group has.  I’m excited to try them out.  They make it look like you really did your hair instead of just pulled it up.

This weekend we don’t have a lot on the agenda which is just the way we like it.  Tomorrow night is girls night with the church ladies so that should be fun, but besides that it’s a low key, house work weekend!