Pieces of Home

March 29, 2011

Jenna just left, in fact in about 20 minutes she’ll be boarding a plane and going back to the cold.  I fought the tears on the drive home it’s so hard when a piece of home leaves.  The trip was great, it was so nice to have life feel pretty normal again.  It was great to have deep conversations, theological discussions, laughing, lounging, lots of Brothers and sisters and the fun goes on!  She definitely got to feel the heat of Texas, it was in the nineties on Saturday for Hudson’s birthday party.  The party turned out BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t wait to share some pictures, Amanda did a fabulous job planning and creating.

My parents are here and I’m looking forward to having some quality family time over the next week or so.  It’ll probably be a bit of a double whammy when they leave, but at least I’ll be starting my job and this place will start feeling even more like home.  We love it here, truly do, but we still really miss our people at home.  We’re trying to figure out any possible way to get back to the CU sometime this year to hug on some peeps, eat at our favorite local places and spend a few nights at my parents house….I kinda miss that place the most.  Our house is open for more visitors, especially those of you who are thinking about moving here 🙂  I love having pieces of home here even when it means I have to let them go at the end of the visit.

OOPS: totally forgot to post this yesterday!!


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