Friday, Saturday, Sunday

March 20, 2011

Yeah I know this is an incredible title, but I thought I’d give a quick little synopsis of our weekend.  This is a going to sound like the most boring weekend ever, but Andrew and I really felt relaxed and felt like we accomplished a lot.  So here is a short little wrap up.

Friday:  Andrew got home from work and we made pizza and salad for dinner.  We went to Home Depot and Target to pick up a few odds and ends and then spent the next couple hours installing all the drawer pulls on our kitchen doors and drawers.  What appeared to be a quick project turned somewhat frustrating because each time we measured the drawer pulls and drilled they were the wrong size everytime.  We finally got the hang of it by the last drawer and that one took all of 3 minutes.  Needless to say we finished them!

Saturday:  Andrew started tutoring and he had an appointment Saturday morning down the street from Bryan and Amanda’s.  Hudson had a play date at the same time so I got to attend this little shindig.  I love living that close to this little boy.  I got to hang with him for an hour and then Andrew and I came home to work on the house again.  We worked on the kitchen, built a bookshelf, put up curtains in the office and worked on unpacking more of our boxes.  Tomorrow is recycling day so I like to get as many boxes broken down and outside as I can.  It turns out that every week we have way more recycling than trash.  I love that our neighborhood has curbside recycling.

Sunday:  We went to church this morning then stayed after for potluck Sunday.  We then headed over to Bryan’s to help him paint all day and then had Mangieri’s (similar, but not as good as Jupiter’s) for dinner.  We came home and felt totally uninspired to work on the house.  We got pumped up enough to do a few things and organized Andrew’s closet.  Mine is not built yet, otherwise I definitely would have done mine as well.

It has been GORGEOUS here all weekend.  The sun has been out, there has been a nice breeze, and the temperatures have hovered in the high 70s/ low 80s.  We have taken some walks and enjoyed the outdoors as much as possible.  This coming week is going to get a little toasty, Friday it’s supposed to get to 90, trying to hold out as long as possible on turning the air on.  Bryan says that if we wait until it’s REALLY hot to turn it on our bodies will acclimate better to the heat.  I’m going to go purchase another fan tomorrow!

Hudson is as sweet as ever.  His latest few things:  telling people on t.v. and in books that what they did was “not nice” and then telling them ” time out”  it’s so funny.  They taught him how to smile on command today and it is the cheesiest little thing!  He climbed up on Andrew today grabbed his face and kept kissing it…such a sweet sight.  Instead of saying What happened he just says “HAPPENED?” in a very loud quizzically voice.  If I could figure out how to imbed videos I would show you a video of him being very concerned about what happened to Rosie on the Thomas video.  I love this little boy SO MUCH, I can’t even imagine what it feels like to love your own child!  The other thing he does well now is correctly responding yes or no according to what he wants…definitely makes life easier for everyone, it used to be either no or silence when you asked him a question.  When he says yes he says it with a lot of authority like its a totally legit response.  I can’t believe he’ll be 2 in just a couple weeks, I’m really looking forward to his birthday party…Jenna is taking pictures so you know I’ll be posting them!!


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