March 6, 2011

Well Stephanie is on a plane back to Urbana and let me just say we had a fantastic visit.  The boys kept asking what we did each day or where I was taking her and we would just look at each other and chuckle because a lot of our time was spent sitting around and chatting.  We had a lot to catch up on and it felt like an extended slumber party.  We stayed up late, slept in and ate way too much.  Here is a little break down of what we did this weekend.

Thursday: I picked her up from the airport, we came straight to the house and I showed her around.  We ate some lunch and put our list together for our IKEA shopping trip.  We  spent the afternoon piddling around the IKEA and picking up some much needed pieces to warm up the house.  We came home and got started building er I mean asking Andrew to build our finds for the day and ate some tacos with fresh tortillas (one of the amazing things about Texas…specifically HEB grocery stores.  They make fresh tortillas daily).

Friday:  We got up and spent the morning gabbing at the kitchen table.  We finally decided around 11:30 to throw some clothes on and head out in search of some goodwill/salvation army type stores to look for some furniture to re-purpose.  We struck out big time…the places we found were over priced and had nothing we wanted.  We ate a delicious lunch at the best burger place in Austin (Well 2nd best to Phil’s) Moonie’s.  Then we came home and got primped for our night out.  We stopped by Bryan and Amanda’s so I could show Stephanie the beautiful drive and their house…well and I wanted to see Hudson of course!  We then headed downtown to eat at Hula Hut with Andrew and Kevin.  After dinner,  Kevin suggested we go to this little coffee place called Mozart’s down the way on the water.  We sat outside for a couple hours and laughed a lot.  It was a beautiful night and I was so glad we got to spend some quality time together.  We then made the crazy decision to begin painting the master bathroom at around midnight.  We painted until 2:o0 in the morning.  Believe me, you could definitely tell which wall we did last.

Saturday:  We slept in late, made ourselves breakfast and watched an episode of Bones while sprawled out on the sofa bed.  We got a late start to our projects, but then we got going on finishing the bathroom, moving the boxes around, breaking down the empty boxes and cleaning the house.  We also attempted for an hour or so to hang up a pesky curtain rod and it was not a success.  We decided late afternoon to head downtown to visit West Elm and Antropologie.  I hadn’t been down there yet and the stores were AMAZING.  I really enjoyed West Elm and have plans to purchase a light there for our entry way.  We came home, ate pizza and skillet cookies and then….we lost our minds 🙂  We started in stenciling our bedroom walls and we set our goal of 100 hexagons.  I think it took us somewhere around 2 hours and believe me I have a LONG WAY to go.  SO here are a few sneak peeks…Jenna and Dad if you want to wait until March for the big reveal stop reading!

Purposely not showing you a whole is one of my favorite things I've picked so far. Can't wait to put the room together and show you the whole thing!

This was horrible to install, but I'm pleased with the end result. It casts some neat shadows on the walls at night and makes the house feel more "homey"

The beginning of the entry makeover, I found this rug at IKEA and I love it! Also we found this table for half off at IKEA as well. It is the perfect size for the space.

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  1. Ellen said

    Did you know that HEB is named for Harold E. Butts? Ha ha, Harry Butts wanted his store named after himself, but who wants their food from Harry Butts? True story. At least… that’s what I heard.

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