Thoughts on Change

February 11, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about change.  I’ve always been someone who thinks change is good, but I’m realizing I’m more resistant to change than I thought.  Here are some of the things that I’m not even kind of accustomed to in Austin yet.

1.  Grocery/drug stores.  I go in and panic, I can’t find anything I’m used to, the brands are different and the store set up totally throws me off!  I avoid these stores as much as possible.

2.  The bank.  We now bank with BofA which is really nice, but their ATMs are really high tech and they intimidate me so I just haven’t been to the bank without Bryan or Andrew since we moved here.  That’s bad considering I’ve been needing to go make a deposit, but I just am too “afraid” that I’m going to mess it up and the money isn’t going to go into our account.

3.  Car repair:  Andrew asked me to do ONE thing today and I didn’t do it because I’m not used to the new car places down here.  All he wanted me to do was get the lightbulbs changed in my car, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to go to a new car place and do it so I’m making him drop the car off with me tomorrow morning.  Pathetic, I know, but it’s just another place I’m not used to.

4.  Driving.  Yeah it takes 30 minutes to pretty much get anywhere from my Bro and S-I-L’s house, I’m getting used to that.  The drive is so pretty that it goes faster than it did in Illinois.  It’s the speed limits that are hard to adjust to.  The main roads we drive everyday are like 65 mph.  People however don’t drive 65, they drive between 50 and 55 it’s so weird!!

5.  Being a homeowner: now this is a change that is super positive.  I’m not complaining about this.  Believe me though, it will be a serious adjustment to pay utilities, repairs, a mortgage, homeowners insurance and the list goes on!  We closed on our house this morning and the work begins Sunday or Monday.  We’re excited, but I’m not sure we’re ready for the work that is about to ensue!  Can’t wait to show you some before and after pictures!

One Response to “Thoughts on Change”

  1. Ellen said

    I totally agree with #4. Champaign really spoils people with 10 minute “commutes”. You can get all the way across town in no time. Every other city I’ve ever driven in always takes longer.

    Looking forward to seeing house pictures! Congratulations!

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