Tempy, Zach, Hodgins, Angela, Booth

February 10, 2011

I am OBSESSED with the show Bones.  I hadn’t seen it until I moved here and didn’t have a job so I found this show on netflix and now I’m wrapped up in it.  This weekend I didn’t see a single episode and I actually felt like I missed them by the end of the weekend.  It feels like I’m moving so slow on this series considering it is currently in it’s eighth season and I’m just now today finishing season two.  In my “defense” each episode is 44 minutes long and there are 22 episodes a season.  I would love to be friends with these people they lead very interesting lives and they love their jobs.  Yeah I know it’s a show, but I like to believe people can love their jobs as much as they love theirs.  FYI if you watch an episode know that I totally understand that there is some terrible acting in the show, but I like the writing.

One Response to “Tempy, Zach, Hodgins, Angela, Booth”

  1. angie said

    OMG – this is one of my favorite shows too! I watched all the seasons online so I could catch up! I totally feel the same way about them! ha

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