Going Gluten Freer

January 26, 2011

So my S-I-L has read up and met with dietitians to formulate the perfect diet for Hudson.  Her studies have revealed that everyone is Gluten intolerant at different levels.  She told me that some people bounce back in a second while others are sick for days.  I’m not sure of the accuracy of this statement, but we all know that bleached flour is not good for you at all.  While living with Bryan and Amanda we have been eating healthier and cooking meals together every night.  Amanda has introduced us to some delicious gluten free dinners.  It may be because we live in a big city and therefore we can easily have more gluten free options to buy at the stores, but I’m shocked at some of the things we have been eating.  My 3 favorite Gluten free meals so far: Southwest Chicken Salad, Rice Pasta with spaghetti sauce, and PIZZA, yeah she has this awesome Gluten free pizza crust that was a little hard to make the first time around, but it tasted great!  We’re having this tonight and I’m really looking forward to it.  We are not going Gluten free in our house, but I’m seriously thinking about going Gluten freer once we are on our own.  Perhaps we’ll try to do something like 3 Gluten free dinners a week to start.  I should probably start charting how I feel when I eat Gluten and see if I feel better when we aren’t eating it.   She also claims there is awesome Gluten free brownie, maybe we’ll try these tonight after the pizza 🙂

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