Still On Track

January 24, 2011

I haven’t talked about our house lately at all and I’m sure some of you are dying to know what’s going on and others of you can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures yet.  This morning I woke up and thought, it’s time… so here goes a house post.

1.  A couple weeks ago I asked Andrew to drive me by the house.  I know exactly how to get there from Bryan and Amanda’s house because we both live off the same main road (about 25 minutes down the road, but the same road nonetheless).  Back to the story, so Andrew and I were at a mall and he started driving through this neighborhood.  I looked around at the houses and the park and said, “Andrew, this neighborhood is SOOO cute and nice, why didn’t we look in here?”  He smirked at me and then I realized we were in OUR neighborhood a few streets away from our house.  We both new in this moment that we really picked the right place to live.

2.  We had our inspection this week.  Because this house was a foreclosure we assumed it would be in pretty rough shape.  We were somewhat pleasantly surprised with the outcome, basically we absolutely have to replace the roof and then do a few plumbing items and the rest of the items we( meaning either Andrew, Laura, Mom or BRYAN) can fix the other odds and ends.  When I say odds and ends there was a lengthy three page single spaced list of items that are recommended to be done, but Andrew and I wanted a little fixer upper and boy are we about to get one!

3.  We needed to wait until after our inspection to decide to purchase pretty much anything, but after Saturday we feel much more confident to start purchasing things for this house.  We’ve been scouting out home depot for sales and they were having and INCREDIBLE granite sale.  I was so bummed that it was ending on the 19th because that meant we couldn’t cash in on this awesome deal, it turns out they EXTENDED the sale until the 23rd so Andrew and I just might be going in tomorrow and purchasing our granite.  If you are thinking about putting granite in your kitchen I wouldn’t wait, I’ve never seen anything quite this good.  Here is a picture of the granite:

It's a little more gray than it looks in the picture

4.  I’m not sure who reads this blog and I wouldn’t want  Selena syndrome to strike so there fore I can’t post the link to the listing and quite honestly the pictures on the listing were not very good.  Without further ado here is our soon to be home:

The trim will not be white for long, we're thinking black trim and possibly a mustard door

Unfortunately this picture will have to tie you over until Andrew gets home because I can’t for the life of me put the videos on here and that’s the best way to show you the house.  Sorry for the little tease, but check back soon for footage of the interior.

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