Movie Reviews

January 23, 2011

Living with a 22 month old has it’s perks, endless smooches, cute videos, sweet little sayings and being around someone who adores you and your husband.  The ONLY downside is we can’t leave whenever we feel like it with Bryan and Amanda.  We all want to hang out together which means we end up watching lots of movies.  Here is a wrap up of the movies we’ve watched this week.

Cyrus…this was HORRIBLE.  It was definitely a waste of 90 minutes.

Wallstreet (The Original)…I would recommend this, but start it early in the evening because it’s a lengthy one.

Wallstreet: Money Never Sleep…better than I expected AND I liked it more than the first one

Death at a Funeral….laughed our butts off.  Had no real expectation for this one, but it was grossly funny.  Also it had an all star cast!

Dinner for Schmucks….I would recommend NOT watching this one.  I thought it was horribly sad!  Although it did have pleasant/funny parts.

Going the distance…currently watching this one as I write so I’ll have to get back to you on this! UPDATE: It’s rated R for good reason.  While the story was sort of cute the sexual content in this one was fouler than most.  Watch with extreme caution.

Yep our life is REALLY exciting, we watch movies nearly every night.  I am thoroughly enjoying our life right now though, seriously.  Ooh and I have a job interview tomorrow to be a Key Holder at Francesca’s which is a really cute corporate boutique in a nice little outdoor mall.  I would really like this job so prayers would be appreciated!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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