Nothing to Report

January 18, 2011

Well I’d love to tell you I have a fabulous post ahead, but instead I’ll show you WHY I don’t have a fabulous post ahead.  I went from 5 jobs last summer/fall to ZERO jobs as of December 24th.  This is weird, yet I am not motivated to find employment yet as I know my life is going to get insanely busy within the next month as we move into our new house.  Here is what a current day in the life of me looks like:

Wake up relatively late, I shoot to wake up before 10…yes it’s like I’m on break from school

Throw on exercise clothes and walk on the treadmill for 35 minutes while I watch an episode of Bones on Netflix

Eat something

Tinker around on the computer for a couple hours, researching health insurance, reading blogs, Gchatting, etc

Then I make the bed and tidy our room for an hour or so, you wouldn’t believe how messy a room gets when it’s the only space you have in a house

I usually then talk myself into showering, usually I try to talk myself into showering for at least a half an hour before I finally do… I HATE showering.  Not sure why, I think I hate wet hair.

Then I try to leave the house for at least an hour, but make sure to return before 5 as I don’t want to hit the crazy Austin traffic.  Then everyone starts trickling in from work and Amanda and I get dinner going.

Today my goal is to go to the grocery store, exciting I know!

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