I thought I was a Minimalist…

December 17, 2010

…until I started packing.  Holy cow we have a ton of stuff.  I can’t imagine moving more than a one bedroom apartment!  I’ve come to realize that I love dishes and glassware.  Anything for entertaining I have a really hard time getting rid of.  When my grandparents asked me years ago if there was anything we wanted in their house before they had a huge house sale to downsize to an apartment, the only thing I requested was their fiesta ware.  I so enjoy it, but I am hoping we won’t move very often because let me tell you, it is NO FUN to pack!  According to Jenna, after helping us pack last night, I have a lot of purses. This is one thing I thought I had a very minimal amount of, maybe I am not a minimalist after all!  It doesn’t help that on top of all of it we also have Christmas decorations that we need to pack, I should have not listened to my heart and should have kept our tree in the box this year!  Oh well, you live and learn, although I have really enjoyed having our tree up.  It’s hitting me today that we’re moving in 12 days and packing today has been emotional for the first time so far.  It doesn’t help that 24 hours after moving we are flying from Austin to Boston for 5 days so I’m trying to pack and plan for that trip simultaneously, let’s just say they’ll be seeing me in the same pants and sweater most of the trip!  Oh well, what’s life without a little adventure right??

If anyone is available on the 27th we’re getting a team of people together to load the truck.  Even if you could stop by for an hour and load for a little bit that would be great!  If for nothing else we’d love to see you, I think we’ll start loading around noon, so let me know if you can make it for a little bit.


One Response to “I thought I was a Minimalist…”

  1. jennaration said

    Luckily for you, I don’t work on Mondays so I’m available to help all day!!

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