November 2, 2010

So I decided to give you an update on my 25th year of life.  I’ve been 25 for 0ne month now and am really glad I made this list.  I hope to be a more well rounded person by age 26!  If it’s in italics I’m working on it or needing to do better on it, if it’s bold I am doing it and if it’s plain, well it means it’s not in the works and I haven’t accomplished it.  I hope to have watched at LEAST 1 of the movies by December and I really need to start writing in a journal….

1. Do my hair regularly

2. Take a real vacation with Andrew…this means no family, not Mass, Texas, or Illinois.

3.Watch 10 iconic movies: Gone with the Wind, Grapes of Wrath, A Hitchcock film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Beaches, 16 Candles, Fame, Casablanca, Meet Me in St. Louis, & Bonnie and Clyde.

4. Read Enneagram

5. Purchase a house

6. Go on a mini shopping spree (like spend a couple hundred dollars in one place)

7. Break a rule (not sure what, but this should be interesting)

8. Rebuild relationships that I have lost

9. Go an entire year only eating sweets once per week…this will be the hardest one I think

10. Pay for someone’s meal anonymously that I don’t know, just because it’s nice

11.  Impact someone’s life in a positive way.

12.  Resurrect my fashion blog

13. Host a themed dinner party

14. Take more pictures

15. Grow my hair out long again

16. Catalog the clothes in my closet

17. Learn how to download songs from itunes and make playlists

18. Stop wearing glasses (could happen through miraculous healing, lasik, or finding contacts that work)

19.  Learn to ski, either water or snow

20. Don’t go to McDonalds for the entire year!  I think this will include Diet Coke.

21.  Run a 5K.

22. Go away for the weekend with my mom (we didn’t get our trip this year and I missed it)

23. Keep a journal (even if it’s just online, write in it at least once per week, this blog doesn’t count)

24. Learn how to make some of my mom’s specialty recipes (starting with Mac and Cheese and Cinnamon Apple Jello)

25. Make a promise to myself and keep it, and don’t tell anyone (even Andrew) until I turn 26.


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