Hostess Ban

November 26, 2010

It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of the thanksgiving meal.  I don’t enjoy Turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, or stuffing, so that leave my options to sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn casserole and crescent rolls.  My Sister-in-law did a killer job on the meal yesterday, but she labored for several days in order to serve this meal that was over in less than an hour.  Granted we’ve been eating leftovers ever since.  I have warned my family that if I ever get to host Thanksgiving I will be keeping it simple.  The menu would consist of Turkey Chili, Potato Soup, and Apple Crisp.  I might get a little fancy and have cheese and crackers…if they’re lucky.  My sister-in-law thanked me for being so honest, but she banned me from ever being the hostess of the Thanksgiving meal.  I hope each and every one of you readers enjoyed your Thanksgiving meal and head fun with family and friends!


Give Me a Break…

November 21, 2010

…John Stossel.  If you are a member of my family, you understand this little joke.  If you’re not, I’ll fill you in.  Whatever news show John Stossel was on had a segment called “Give Me a Break.”  He would showcase some ludicrous scenario and then end the segment with the line…Give me a Break.  So a few years ago whenever my mom would say, “give me a break,” I would follow it up by saying, “John Stossel.”  I am now to the point where I can’t hear anyone say Give me a break without thinking about this man and his ridiculous news stories.

Well anyway on to the actual post.  I’m ready for a break.  This week I will clock 53 hours between my two jobs and I will work 10 days straight by the time we take off for Texas.  I tell myself all day long that it’s worth it, but waking up this morning and going to work for the 8th day in a row it doesn’t quite feel worth it yet.  I’m looking forward to a little break….5 days with NO WORK!!  I hope you know that I’m very grateful for my jobs, I really am, but as humans we’re designed to take every 7th day off and I am definitely seeing/feeling why God told us to do that.  I will get a break soon enough, come Wednesday I’ll be chilling out in The Lonestar State with some of my favorite people in the world.  Then when I get back I work one more week of full time and then I’m down to ONE JOB!!!

…These are a few of my favorite things.

As I’ve been compiling my Christmas list I’ve been thinking all about some of my favorite things.   If you don’t know what to get your friends, significant others, mothers, etc here are some items that this lady loves.  Click on the picture to be redirected to the websites.

Thickens and Lengthens Lashes Like Crazy!

Special Fabric makes it possible to use your smart phone while wearing the gloves. Comes in MANY colors!

This is a pricey little number, but it is a well made very nicely compartmentalized wallet/clutch. Comes in different colors and patterns

This is a sweet little necklace from a great jewelry company Stella and Dot. Click on the picture to see my friend's website. There are many great pieces under $50!

I'm sure my friends are TIRED of me plugging this lotion, but I can't get enough of it!! I have a little bottle in every purse and a big bottle by my bed...perfect stocking stuffer!

I use this Thirty-One item more than any other! There are so many uses for this one that I have two.

I hope you have started your Christmas shopping!  I started a while back, but get stumped when it comes to my family!  Who on your list is the hardest to buy for??

I am a rule follower to my core.  So this post may come as a shock to you… we put our Christmas tree up yesterday.   Yep that’s right, I broke the rule of the tree doesn’t go up until AFTER Thanksgiving.  We weren’t even going to decorate for Christmas, but then I realized how horribly sad I would be if we didn’t decorate our little apartment one last time.  Knowing that I would probably have to put the tree away before Christmas or the day after I decided if we were going to enjoy it then we were going to have to put it up yesterday and so we did.  I already have some of our presents purchased and wrapped  and have listened to Christmas music a few times while I’m wrapping or packing.  There is just something about having the tree up that lifts my spirit and makes me think I can get through the next few months of total uncertainty!  How about you, are you an early Christmas decorator??

Starting to Feel Real

November 11, 2010

It’s starting to come together. It’s official, we’re moving. Still don’t know where we’re going, but come December 31st we will no longer live in our cozy little home. They posted the ad two days ago and have shown it once and have another showing today, someone will snatch this beauty up, no doubt. My last day with the painting company is December 3rd. We are hoping to hire someone by the end of this week. I’ve packed most of our non essentials and hope to be mostly finished by the 1st week of December so I can enjoy the holidays.

As I type Andrew is at his interview in Aurora who knows what will happen with that! The Campbell’s will soon not live in the town where I grew up, we’ll move to start our life somewhere else, it’s crazy to think our life will look totally different in just 2 short months. I’m bracing myself for the adventure we are about to embark on and praying that God is at the helm!

We appreciate your faithful continued prayers!

Please Vote

November 8, 2010

The Orpheum Children’s Science Museum has qualified to participate in November’s Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Our rank is moving up, thanks to your votes and support! 

This is a BIG deal!

The winner will receive $250,000 from Pepsi.

It will take 5 minutes to sign up at the Pepsi Refresh site and then you will be able to vote for our project every day in November. The winner will be determined by the number of clicks received by their Pepsi Refresh page during the month, so social networking and making a commitment to click everyday is essential to the proposal’s success. We are asking that you help by alerting your network of friends, family, and colleagues and asking them for their support in the form of a click a day every day in November.

Project Goal
Restoring a local cultural treasure, the legendary Orpheum Theatre, to a community-based performing arts center to celebrate our youth, our heritage, and our future.

We are one of less than 350 causes in the running for $250K so, with
your help, we have a real shot at winning, restoring the 100-year old
theater at the Museum, and enabling more quality programming for
community children and families.

Please register to be able to vote at the Pepsi Refresh Everything
site (you can opt out of receiving any mail from the site) and then
make a note to yourself to vote everyday.

Please help us to win this important award. Thank you for your time and


Why yes, yes there is.  While Andrew will not allow anyone to refer to him as doctor until he has deposited his dissertation sometime in the next couple weeks, I personally am celebrating his accomplishments.  I was so glad I had the privilege to sit in on Andrew’s defense and be the supporter in the back of the room.  I’ll give you a short play by play of the day so you all can feel like you got to be there.  Also for the record I wanted to let you know that I didn’t have ANY IDEA about what his talk was on, but it sounded pretty intelligent to me.

1:15  I arrived at home to an anxious ridden Andrew (understandably so).  We got our last minute things in order and headed out the door.

1:45 We arrived at the Krannert parking lot and hunted for a parking spot, it looked like we were going to have a hard time finding a spot, but Andrew stayed really calm and eventually we located a space.

2:00 We arrived at the office to get the projector supplies and headed to the conference room.

2:05 We encountered our first real glitch of the day…. none of the chords worked with our computer.  I began praying that we would find a chord quickly and that this wouldn’t wreck Andrew’s confidence.

2:15 Andrew arrives with a new chord, it works!  And then we begin to wait.  The clock moved SO SLOWLY until 2:50 when people began to arrive.

3:00 The time Andrew’s talk was scheduled to begin.  2 of his 4 committee members were there and so we sat in silence and waited, yes it was awkward.

3:05 All committee members were present, Andrew’s boss gave a short introduction including letting the room know that he met and married a local girl and is now FORBIDDEN to move back to the east coast…thanks for that.

Then Andrew rocked out the defense.  He presented with confidence and answered the questions to the best of his abilities.  The most amazing thing to me was after the questions they never said if he answered it or not, they just sat in silence so Andrew would just move on as if he didn’t feel totally awkward.  As his wife, this was the hardest part to watch.

3:45 Andrew finished up his talk and then they kicked us out.  No one really truly knows what will happen in the private portion.

4:15 I received this text: “We’re all good :)”

And that was that, this is the account of Andrew getting his PhD.  I can’t believe it’s finally over…for the most part.  Andrew will tell you constantly that he’s not done until he deposits, but I’ll take what I can get, I have my husband back.  And yes, you can call me Dr. Mrs. Andrew Campbell….haha just kidding.


November 2, 2010

So I decided to give you an update on my 25th year of life.  I’ve been 25 for 0ne month now and am really glad I made this list.  I hope to be a more well rounded person by age 26!  If it’s in italics I’m working on it or needing to do better on it, if it’s bold I am doing it and if it’s plain, well it means it’s not in the works and I haven’t accomplished it.  I hope to have watched at LEAST 1 of the movies by December and I really need to start writing in a journal….

1. Do my hair regularly

2. Take a real vacation with Andrew…this means no family, not Mass, Texas, or Illinois.

3.Watch 10 iconic movies: Gone with the Wind, Grapes of Wrath, A Hitchcock film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Beaches, 16 Candles, Fame, Casablanca, Meet Me in St. Louis, & Bonnie and Clyde.

4. Read Enneagram

5. Purchase a house

6. Go on a mini shopping spree (like spend a couple hundred dollars in one place)

7. Break a rule (not sure what, but this should be interesting)

8. Rebuild relationships that I have lost

9. Go an entire year only eating sweets once per week…this will be the hardest one I think

10. Pay for someone’s meal anonymously that I don’t know, just because it’s nice

11.  Impact someone’s life in a positive way.

12.  Resurrect my fashion blog

13. Host a themed dinner party

14. Take more pictures

15. Grow my hair out long again

16. Catalog the clothes in my closet

17. Learn how to download songs from itunes and make playlists

18. Stop wearing glasses (could happen through miraculous healing, lasik, or finding contacts that work)

19.  Learn to ski, either water or snow

20. Don’t go to McDonalds for the entire year!  I think this will include Diet Coke.

21.  Run a 5K.

22. Go away for the weekend with my mom (we didn’t get our trip this year and I missed it)

23. Keep a journal (even if it’s just online, write in it at least once per week, this blog doesn’t count)

24. Learn how to make some of my mom’s specialty recipes (starting with Mac and Cheese and Cinnamon Apple Jello)

25. Make a promise to myself and keep it, and don’t tell anyone (even Andrew) until I turn 26.