One Cigarette Per Month

October 19, 2010

So I was talking with someone from work who smoked for 15 years.  One day she got annoyed with this guy that always went out for a smoke with her so she decided to give it up.  According to her (and I believe her) she was a chain smoker, so giving up wasn’t looking to be the easiest thing.  She made a decision that she would allow herself one cigarette per month.  That way if she really craved it she could have one, but she would use that one cigarette really wisely.  I thought this was crazy UNTIL I started this whole sweets once per week thing.

This new sweets system is amazing.  It’s so much better than not getting to have them at all.  This way if I go to a party or a weekend away I can have sweets that day.  It makes me think hard before I decide to eat something.  I haven’t been tempted one time by the ice cream in my freezer and that used to be my nightly friend.  Now when I look at the ice cream I think, “do I REALLY want that to be my cheat?”  The answer so far has been no.  Oh AND I’m allowing myself to drink diet coke in a restaurant if they have caffeine free.  So far I’ve only cheated that rule ONCE on my sweets day so I can’t say that was a total cheat.  Most places don’t have caffeine free so I’ve only had a few sodas since turning 25.  Still not losing any weight, but I have gained more self esteem and self control.


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