I have decided

September 28, 2010

There isn’t much in my life that I feel I have any definite answers, but below you will find some things that I’ve decided today.

1.  I’ve decided that I need to figure out how Apple marketed their Iphones to the World.  Somehow they made them seem like a necessity and even people who are up to their eyeballs in debt or are so poor they can’t afford food have them and pay the large sum of money to operate them monthly.  I will be joining them on Saturday.

2.  I’ve decided that if you want to have ice cream, just replace a meal with it then it’s not so bad.  I’ll be going to Culver’s in the next hour to get my ice cream dinner.

3.  I’ve decided that selling Thirty-One has been a good move for me, without really ANY effort at all I’ve been able to nearly reach my goal every month.  I also signed my 1st recruit this month, it’ll be fun to have a teammate.

4.  I’ve decided that I need to make a cleaning list of something I do daily, weekly, and monthly to keep our apartment cleaner.  We cleaned this weekend and it feels SO nice to have things more organized and cleaned up.

5.  I’ve decided that if I ever move away from a seasonal state I will miss fall SO MUCH.  This weather is killer and I’m hoping it stays like this until at least next May… a girl can dream right?

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